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October 2011

Fines Penalties in Workers Comp Claims – Who Pays?

Who Pays For WC Fines Penalties Some state jurisdictions issue Fines Penalties if state forms are not filed timely, if lost time benefits are not issued timely, or for frivolous litigation, etc. In our claim file reviews, we have found that many carriers charge these fines directly to the file as

Certificates of Insurance – Earn Workers Comp Savings of $500+ Per Hour

Earn Workers Comp Savings With Certificates of Insurance Workers Comp certificates of insurance can be a great method to earn Workers Comp savings. This was one of my old tag lines in my Workers Compensation presentation. It is easy to do and can save a company or governmental entity large amounts

Telephonic Triage for Workers Comp – Is It Really Worth It?

Telephonic Triage for Workers Comp Is Telephonic Triage in WC really worth it in most instances?  I had a great conversation with an old Workers Comp friend that had begun to sell triage service by phone for claims. As he mentioned, safety measures occur up to the time of an

NAIC Investigates Captives Due To Newspaper Article

NAIC Investigates Captives On A Whim? The NAIC investigates captives due to a recent newspaper article.  I recently read an article on captives being investigated by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). The NA IC is supposed to make recommendations or produce a new regulation model for captives. I

10 Workers Comp Premium Reduction Desktop Items – More On List

Workers Comp Premium Reduction Desktop Items These are the list of workers comp premium reduction desktop items.This post was originally started here. I decided to cover each one of the computer desktop items. I covered #1 here. 2. A status for each of your open claims – may be included

Tax Audits Due To Findings In Premium Audits – Connection?

Tax Audits from Premium Audits? Most Tax Audits make every business concerned due to the time required and possible costs.  As I had expected, the federal and state taxing authorities and Workers Compensation insurance carriers have decided to share data on premium audits.   I am not sure of the

Workers Comp Premium Reduction Top 10 Desktop Items

Workers Comp Premium Reduction – Top 10 Desktop Items I was asked at a recent conference by an owner of a medium-sized business – What do I need to obtain to immediately cause a Workers Comp Premium Reduction or lower reserves? I thought for some time and came up with

Experience Mods Will Decrease For Some Employers – Really?

Experience Mods Decrease When NCCI Increases Primary Loss? The NCCI had reported Experience Mods will decrease  for certain employers.   One of the new twists to the Workers Comp Experience Modification Factor calculations is that NCCI is going to raise the Primary Loss part of the calculation for your E-Mods

California Changes Landscape On Premium Audits And Other Disputes

California Changes Disputes With Bill Signed By Governor Brown The State of California changes landscape of premium audits and others disputes.   Last night, I was reading over a short article that covered a new area for insureds in California Workers Comp disputes. I will actually cover more on CA

Premium Audit Disputes and Collection Agencies Confusion

Premium Audit Disputes vs. Collection Agencies Most premium audit disputes may not be documented by a collection agency.  I received a great question on Premium Audits this week. We are disputing our premium audit for 2009 – 2010. We are receiving letters from a collection agency and the carrier. Do

Workers Comp Supplements – Math Says No In Most Cases

Workers Comp Supplements Can Skew System The Workers Comp supplements paid by employers may not be a good idea.  One of the most popular subjects in WC is employer supplements. This subject seems to come up in risk management meetings and seminars very often. Supplements involve the employer offsetting the



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