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April 2019

Reporting Work Injuries To Your Carrier – Golden Rule

The Golden Rule For Reporting Work Injuries Keeps It Simple Employers not having a rule for reporting work Injuries to the workers’ compensation carrier has caused many employers to end up paying very large claims on what should have been small ones. The Golden Rule for reporting workplace injuries is

Occupational Illness Rates by Industry – Great BLS Data Surprising Results

2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Illness Rates by Industry – Surprising Workers; Compensation Illness by Industry Rates shows which industries had the highest rates of occupational illness. Occupational illnesses are defined by the BLS as: BLS considers an occupational illness to be any abnormal condition or disorder—other than a case resulting from an

California Dynamex Decision – Another Workers Comp Crisis Recycled?

California Dynamex Decision – Overreaction or Harsh Reality? The California Dynamex decision hit the Workers Compensation airwaves and blogosphere over the last few weeks. An article by WorkCompCentral noted reactions across the country.  I cannot link to the article as it is behind a paywall. Check out this article on

Workers Comp Data Carveouts Move Data To Dangerous Ground

Workers Comp Data Carveouts – Are You Guilty of  Sampling Errors? The concept of Workers Comp data carveouts surfaces more now that employers look to enhance their workers’ compensation saving programs. Workers comp data carveouts start when a company, organization, consultant, etc. decide to use oversampling of a small set



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