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October 2015

Is Social Security Disability Affected by WC?

Social Security Disability Does Workers Compensation have an effect on Social Security Disability?  More precisely, do Social Security Disability applications increase when WC payments decrease? This was pointed out in the Work Comp Analysis group on LinkedIn today.  In reading over the study, I was at first very skeptical. The

Will China US Treasury Sell Off Affect Insurance and WC Markets?

China US Treasury Sell-Off Possible In 2020 The China US Treasury relationship cannot be ignored when covering any type of financial market.   This is not a gloom and doom prediction.  The China US Treasury holdings are easily tracked due to the US Treasury’s  foreign holders page.     One

New Mexico Marijuana – Five Joints Per Day Covered By Work Comp

New Mexico Marijuana Recent New Mexico marijuana laws  have enabled injured workers in the state to consume five joints per day – at a maximum. The state of New Mexico has always been very active in their allowance of medical marijuana for workers compensation injuries. The most recent New Mexico



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