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June 2018

Workers Compensation Medical Software vs My Semi Annual App Search

Workers Compensation Medical Software Companies Say – How About Us? Workers Compensation medical software companies have been chatting with us by email, calls, LinkedIn, comments, etc. over the past few weeks.   As you may know I have written a number of articles on the lack of workers compensation technology including

Workers Compensation Reserves – Fee Schedule Hidden Benefit

Workers Compensation Reserves More Accurate With Fee Schedules Workers Compensation reserves (Total Incurred minus Paid) receive an accuracy boost with fee schedules.    Why? – Let us go into the mind of an adjuster getting ready to set permanent file reserves at 60 days. BTW, this articles stems from an

Stay at Work Washington L&I ‘s Unique Program – Guest Post

Stay at Work -How Washington State Companies Can Be Reimbursed Up to 50% of an Injured Worker’s Light DutyWages Stay at Work sounds like a great unique program for employers and injured employees. Two months ago,  Mr. Kohler (see below)  contacted me.  He wanted to see if I would be

Workers Compensation Fee Schedules Win Again – WCRI’s Free Study

Workers Compensation Fee Schedules = Less Costly Claims and Premiums Virtually all Workers Compensation Fee Schedules cut comp costs across the board.   Check out this search for  fee schedules articles on this website.   WCRI  just published a massive study on workers compensation fee schedules.   The study covers 87% of the

$250,000 Claim Reserve Level – Why Is that Number So Important?

$250,000 Claim Reserve Level Creates Many Critical Responsibilities The $250,000 claim reserve level causes many necessary actions.  Some of them are obvious.   The other not-so-obvious actions are just as important. Please note that the Reinsurer and Excess Insurer are the same for this article. Usually,  a claim that reaches this

WCIRB Pure Premium Rates Are Not Insurance Carrier Rates

WCIRB Pure Premium Rates Not The Same As Workers Comp Insurance Rates (Usually) The WCIRB pure premium rates generated a few calls over the last two weeks.    Insurance companies file their own loss cost multipliers or LCM’s that deviate from those rates. The Workers  Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau is

30 Minute Webinars – Trend Of Rushed Presenter

New 30 Minute Webinars Trend – Presenters Rushing Through Information and Slides Most 30 minute webinars sound like a great idea on the screen or paper.   In practice, they seem to be an exercise in rushing. I have listened to three webinars over the last two weeks that were of

Cutcompcosts Awarded Top 25 Workers Comp Blogs Again for 2018

Cutcompcosts Repeats As Top 25 Workers Comp Blog In 2018 After Cutcompcosts repeated as Best’s Recommended Insurance Advisors, we just discovered that Workerscompensation.com awarded us with the Top 25 Workers Comp Blogs designation.  We also were awarded the distinction in 2017. In fact, we just received the 10 Year Badge



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