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January 2015

January 1st Renewals, Your Premium Audit Is Approaching

Upcoming Premium Audit For January 1st Renewals The January 1st renewals for Work Comp policies have a premium audit approaching soon. We receive many inquiries this time of year on preparing for a premium audit.  There are numerous articles in this blog on premium audits, including preparation. Please note that

Could Google Enter WC Markets – Not Any Time Soon

Google Could Enter WC Markets But Not Likely Google is poised to enter the US  auto insurance market according to an article in the  Insurance Journal. Surprisingly,  they  already sell  Auto Insurance in the UK.  That caught me by surprise.  I did not think Google was interested in any type

Medical Treatment Authorization – New North Carolina Deadline

Medical Treatment Authorization Has New Deadline Many states have or will have time limits on medical treatment authorization responses.  I recently received this from the law firm Cranfill, Sumner, and Hartzog on their monthly email. You can sign up for it here or I will point out the “heavy duty” new

Buzz Around California’s AB 1897 Has Been Amazing

Big Buzz Around California’s AB 1897 and Temporary Employment Agencies   The Buzz around California’s AB 1897. Please note that this article will likely apply to other states than just California.  Senate Bill AB 1897 has caused quite a stir in California. Our California clients have begun to pay attention in

Workers Comp Cost Savings – Onsite Medical Clinics

On Site Medical Clinics = Workers Comp Cost Savings One of the best ways to increase Workers Comp Cost Savings without sacrificing medical care is to use onsite or near-site medical clinics.  Medical control has been one of my Keys To Workers Comp Cost Savings since 1989. Onsite or near-site

New Congress, TRIA, and Workers’ Compensation

New Congress, TRIA, and Workers’ Compensation The New Congress, TRIA, and Workers’ Compensation all are very important keeping WC as a viable marketplace. Over the holidays,  many articles were published on the throes of not having TRIA (Terrorism Reinsurance Act).    Some articles made it seem like the sky would



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