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April 2014

Fee Schedules Effect on Workers Comp Costs – New Study From NCCI

NCCI Study on Effect of Fee Schedules NCCI is one of my favorite companies.  They recently produced a great study on  fee schedules. They have always been very nice to me and oh, so helpful at any of their meetings and conferences that I have attended over the years; and

Workers Compensation Action Network (WCAN) – Great California Chart

Workers Compensation Action Network Workers Compensation Action Network (WCAN) produced another great graphic on the Workers Comp situation in California.   Click here for the chart.   Why do I try to point out most of the happenings on WC in CA?   This is a WC system that is becoming

Loss Runs Most Important Time To Have Them Updated

Updated Claims Loss Runs Are Critical To Cost Savings Your WC loss runs should be up to date at all times. Online access is key as carriers and TPA’s will usually allow ad-hoc reports for analyzing loss data. January 1 is the most popular renewal date for Workers Comp policierenees

Independent Medical Exams (IME) – Great Article On Basics

Independent Medical Exams (IME) Workers Comp Independent Medical Exams (IME’s) can be a great risk management technique when used properly.  IME’s are worth the time and cost in certain circumstances. The  final diagnosis and medical opinion by the IME physician may often agree with the current medical treatment and future

Workers Comp Action Network – California SB 863 – Great Infographic

Workers Comp Action Network Produces Great SB 863 Infographic The Workers Comp Action Network produces great summary charts for California work comp analysis.   They have once again made the complicated much simpler with their great work. WCAN  (Workers Comp Action Network) has created the best explanation of the implementation and

CMS Self Administered Toolkit for WCMSA’s – Confusing Section

CMS Self Administered Toolkit This article is a continuation of  the CMS Self Administered Toolkit.  The CMS (see yesterday’s J&L Blog article) has done a good job in attempting to provide injured employees with a guide if they decide to self-administer their WCMSA’s (Workers Compensation Medical Set Asides).   Most

Best Workers Compensation Apps on Google Play Store Are

The Three Best Workers Compensation Apps Last week, I wrote two articles on any Workers Compensation apps that were in the Google Play store.  As promised, I have tried a few out to see if any actually worked and if any would be helpful. The one that actually looked to

Android Apps for Workers Compensation Looking Further

Android Apps for WC – A Further Look Online I decided to carry the Android apps for the Workers Compensation examination from yesterday further and look at each one. Please note that I did not access most of the apps themselves. Many of the apps were combined when they were

Workers Compensation Apps Google Play Store Has 177 – Few Helpful

Google Play Store Has 177 Workers Compensation Apps I have owned a Google Nexus 4 phone for approximately one year.  There are so many apps to choose from for most of what I need that the experience is similar to car-shopping.   While I was in the Google Play store

Determining Future Medical Exposure – Life Care Plans + Cost Projections

Determining Future Medical Exposure Presentation Determining future medical exposure was the next presentation.  Presenters – Alisa Cornetto and Carmen Bullard, Concierge Medical and Risk Consultants Hire someone certified due to Daubert  rules and also that have proper credentials Review CV’s of life care planners and other consultants Definition of Chronic

Tina Fey May Have Had Workers Comp Coverage After All

Correction on Tina Fey Article Even Tina Fey has to have Workers Comp coverage.  A recent article in the Insurance Journal indicates that Tina Fey may have had continuous coverage.   I found an article last weekend which said she owed $79,000. However, the newest article did not say that



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