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December 2018

What Are Workers Compensation Claim Reserves – Confusing Term

 Workers Compensation Claim Reserves Difference Among Carriers and TPAs Most Workers Compensation Claim Reserves begin when the data input division of a carrier sets the claim up and puts on an automatic reserve. The automatic reserve sets at usually a nominal amount for a medical only or lost time claim.

WCRI Chart ASCs vs. Hospitals Shows Interesting 18 State Comparison

WCRI Chart On ASC Studies Shows Need For Fee Schedules in Workers Compensation A recent WCRI Chart (Workers Compensation Research Institute) pointed out a hidden result that was picked up at least partially by a few bloggers.  The chart below comes from a study the WCRI released on November 25th.

Experience Modification Sheets Wt Important Variable For Savings

What Does Wt Represent on Experience Modification Sheets? Your company’s Experience Modification Sheets just arrived from the rating bureau or you just downloaded them.    Experience Modification worksheets is also the correct term for the sheets.   If you look at your sheets more closely, NCCI and the other rating

Combined Ratio South Carolina NCCI Advisory Forum Shocker

 US Combined Ratio Falls Even Further to Historic Lows US Combined Ratio Results The US had its best Combined Ratio last year since the 1950s and is improving even more.  The current Combined ratio is .89 nationwide. I first heard about the incredibly low ratio at NCCI’s Virginia Advisory Meeting in

Workers Comp Technology Found At 2018 NWCDC Conference

Workers Comp Technology – Found 1.5 Vendors At The Big Brouhaha Most Workers Comp Technology equates the proverbial needle in the haystack euphemism.  Yesterday, I walked through all of the booths at the NWCDC Conference.  Yes, it was eight hours of the same things that I saw at the first

NWCDC Conference 2018 – Looking For True Technology

NWCDC Conference 2018 – My Unending Technology Quest The NWCDC Conference 2018 is tomorrow. I plan to attend and go through the vendor area to see if there are any new technologies.   The last few years have been a little disappointing as Workers Comp has been overall.     I thought I was not going to



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