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November 2011

Virginia Has Most Expensive Workers Comp Medical Costs

Workers Comp Medical Costs In Virginia The Virginia WC medical costs are the most expensive in The Old Dominion State. I have posted often on fee schedules and their effect on Workers Compensation claims. In my original post (see link) on fee schedules, I did not include Virginia. The Dominion State

Premiums After Auto and Workers Comp Accident

Auto and Workers Comp Accident Premium Comparison A reader recently asked – Does a Workers Comp accident and an auto accident affect the policyholders’ premiums in the same manner? The answer is yes and no. Let us look at some of the similarities and differences. Workers Compensation and auto accidents

Reviewing Your Workers Comp Policy At Renewal – Is It Really Worth It?

What To Do With Your WC Policy At Renewal Reviewing your WC policy at renewal is critical. One area I see that employers (public or private) could possibly improve their Workers Compensation strategy is when your agent provides your policy before renewal. There are many methods you can use at

Premium Audits During Policy Period

Should Premium Audits Be Allowed During Policy Period? I received this question last week on premium audits. I know that an insurance carrier comes in after a Workers Comp policy expires. We just signed on with a new carrier two months ago. They now want to come in and audit

Debit Cards For Workers Comp Temporary Total Payments

Debit Cards Payments Money Management By Injured Employee Having debit cards for WC payments seems like a good idea. I will be traveling to the Workers Compensation Conference in Las Vegas next week. I usually attend a national conference every 5- 7 years. My last conference attendance was the RIMS



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