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December 2015

247,120 Slips, Trips, And Falls Devastate 2014 Workers Comp Budgets

247,120 Slips, Trips, And Falls – Increased by 8% Slips, trips, and falls as a type of  WC injury increased by 8% when compared to 2013  figures.  According to the BLS  (Bureau of Labor Statistics), there were 247,120 slips trips and falls in 2014.   This figure was much more

Temporary Partial Disability – Misunderstood Benefit

Temporary Partial Disability The Workers Compensation benefit Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) is likely one of the more misunderstood benefits.  A quick review  of the three main types of paid disability benefits under WC are: Temporary Total – paid when a workers is completely out of work, usually at 2/3 of

FMLA With Workers Comp Return To Work – Expensive Mistake

FMLA With Workers Comp Return To Work The relationship of FMLA  with Workers Comp Return to Work is still an area of much confusion even today.   The FMLA has been in existence since 1993. I do not claim to be an FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) expert whatsoever.  That issue

WCIRB WCAN WCRI = Confusion on California WC Statistics

Confusion on California WC Statistics WCIRB WCAN WCRI  – Three trusted statistical providers that now have me confused on whether or not SB 863 actually had an effect on California’s Workers Comp system. Acronyms – WCIRB  – Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau – The Rating Bureau for California’s WC system

Retroactive and Waiting Periods May Affect Disability Length

Retroactive and Waiting Periods Retroactive and Waiting Periods for Workers Comp temporary total disability (TTD)  are supposed to heavily affect the time that an injured worker stays out of work – or do they?    Yesterday’s article covered if Waiting Periods are actually still valid in today’s world. Most waiting

Are Workers Comp Waiting Periods Really Worth It?

Workers Comp Waiting Periods Most Workers Comp waiting periods are 7 calendar days retroactive to 21.   This means that any injured worker will not be paid for the first 7 days unless the disability period extends to 22 days. Workers Comp waiting periods  are almost always measured in calendar

Best Workers Comp Markets Are In 14 States

Workers Comp Markets Are In 14 States The best Workers Comp markets in the US exist in 14 states.   According to an annual R Street policy study, these 14 states had the best Workers Comp markets (scored 10 of 10): Alabama Florida Georgia Iowa Illinois Indiana Mississippi North Carolina



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