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September 2014

Will Texas Opt Out Of Its Opt Out Program By Joining NCCI

By Joining NCCI Texas Opt Out Could Fade Did Texas opt out of Its non-subscriber system?  Texas has decided to join the Experience Rating System supplied by NCCI.   According to a fellow WC blogger, Texas may also look to remove the opt-out provisions in the law for the construction industry.

Texas Officially Joins NCCI System – Good Move Overall

Texas Officially Joins The NCCI System Texas officially joined the NCCI system today as the Department of Insurance files a petition to adopt NCCI’s Experience Rating Plan Manual.    Earlier in the year, The Texas Department of Insurance signed order 3455 adopting NCCI’s Statistical Plan for Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance

NCPRIMA Presentation Work Comp Advice For Public Risk Managers

The Full NCPRIMA Presentation With Slides Included Last week, I presented at the NCPRIMA Annual Conference.  The slides for the full NCPRIMA presentation can be found here. We received a few requests for a transcript of the presentation.  The rest of this post follows the slides.  The presentation was aimed

Business Tax Consideration for Workers Compensation Premiums?

Workers Compensation Premiums As A Business Tax Should Workers Compensation Premiums be considered a tax?  Premiums and taxes are similar in some respects.   Workers Compensation premiums and taxes are also very different when compared to each other.   One of the ways that premiums and business taxes differ greatly

Workplace Transportation Incidents Account For 40% Of Fatalities – BLS

Workplace Transportation Incidents Account Workplace transportation incidents = 40% of fatalities according to the BLS.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released various  studies on Workplace Fatalities.  An article was published earlier this year on The 25 Most Dangerous Jobs The numbers below are preliminary. The statistics are usually changed slightly as

Disputed Premium Audit Bill – Does Our Company Have To Pay Any Of It?

Disputed Premium Audit Bill – How Much To Pay? One question that we receive the most often is the sufficient amount to pay when there is a disputed premium audit bill.  Premium audits and the associated bills always generate a large number of questions. The answer in the simplest terms is

NCPRIMA Presentation on Cost Cutting – PowerPoint Slides

NCPRIMA Presentation My  NCPRIMA  presentation today at the Conference included these slides.   I am going to link the info in the slides to articles for better reference later this week. Please note the presentation was on the first nine slides. PowerPoint Slides Some of the slide information –  

Defense Base Act – Coverage For Overseas Subcontractors

Overseas Subcontractors And The Defense Base Act For Overseas Subcontractors, The Defense Base Act  (DBA) is a very important part of the Workers Compensation system.  The Defense Base Act provides compensation for disability or death to persons employed at the military, air, and naval bases outside the United States.    The Act



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