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May 2008

Disturbing Trend From Workers Comp Insurance Carriers

Insurance Carriers Disturbing Trend We have noticed a very disturbing trend from Workers Comp insurance carriers. Often, after accepting a new policyholder, the insurance carrier will send out what is considered to be a Loss Control Consultant. Often, we have seen the Loss Control Consultant actually fill out Work Comp

North Dakota Fund Balance Causes Additional Auditor Review

North Dakota Fund Balance – Another Review of the Same Numbers? The North Dakota Fund balance situation  has now caused another review with a different auditor. This time the auditor, from Maine, is supposed to come up with reasons why there is a surplus. There are two reasons for a

North Dakota WSI Ex-employee Sues His Former Employer

North Dakota WSI Employee Brings Lawsuit A North Dakota WSI ex-employee sues his former employer. When reading the articles months ago about the WSI’s wholesale firing of some of their employees, one knew there would soon be lawsuits. Todd Flanagan, a former fraud investigator, filed his lawsuit in Bismarck asking for

California Workers Comp Reform Blog Reader Question

California Workers Comp Reform What do you see for the future of the California Workers Comp Reform System? I think the applicants’ attorneys are going to try to penetrate some of the new laws enacted with Senate Bill 899 by numerous appeals. I am not sure they will be successful.

California Workers Compensation Crisis Question

Question – The California Workers Compensation Crisis Our blog readers sent in this question on the California Workers Compensation Crisis.   This is a timely question.  I thought I would answer the question now.   Workers Comp Crisis – What happened to it and what settled everything down in the state

Blog Reader Question On Last Three Posts

Blog Reader Questions A Question from blog reader on  the last three articles. Could you go through the math on how Primary Losses and Excess Losses affect Workers Comp premiums? Yes, no problem, as this is a very critical subject with a company’s Workers Comp premiums. Let us go back

Small Workers Comp Claim – Often Ignored But Expensive Risk

Small Workers Comp Claim Can Easily Be A Huge One Reviewing a loss run for a small Workers Comp Claim justifies the time to perform the task.  Please see the last two days of postings. It may be best to read them before this post. This mini-analysis is similar to

Many Small Workers Comp Claims-No Major Ones

Small Workers Comp Claims Can Be Expensive The Other Side of the Coin – many small Workers Comp claims, but no major ones. This is one of those dangerous Workers Comp budget busters. As I said in my last post, there is a built-in safety net for a business that

One Claim Wreck Our E-Mod and Premiums – What Can We Do?

 Can One Claim Wreck  – Completely Ruin Your Workers Comp Premium Just one claim does not wreck  an E-Mod. My company has had a great Workers Comp safety record over the past eight years. We had one serious injury two years ago. I know that it will start to hit

Workers Comp Rates When Will They Go Down – Readers Question

Workers Comp Rates Go Down Slowly – Be Patient A reader poses a great question on Workers Comp rates. My business had three bad years and then we had a much better year with our Workers Comp accidents. Now that we have had a better year, will our Workers Comp

Law Of Large Numbers vs Tennessee Restaurant Association

Law of Large Numbers vs Association Work Comp Funds The Law of Large Numbers  ceased another association work comp fund.  Please see my last post on the article about The Tennessee Restaurant Workers Compensation Fund Failure. In my opinion, while there are accusations of mishandling of funds by the head

Tennesseean Article – Self Insurance and Law of Large Numbers

Workers Comp Tennesseean Article – Law of Large Numbers The Article Below Appeared in the Tennesseean. Check my post for tomorrow to see my opinion on what really happened and what happens when you violate the Law of Large Numbers. The head of the Tennessee Restaurant Association stepped down from

NC Mid State Safety Council Conference Presentation

NC Mid State Safety Council Yearly Conference Presentation – I will be doing a presentation on Workers Compensation at the NC Mid State Safety Council Yearly Conference. The conference is on 6/10/08 at the Dennis Wicker Center in Sanford, NC. The conference covers many different areas of safety. The conference

Our Workers Comp Presentations – Blog Reader Question

Question On The Main Subject In Our Workers Comp Presentations I see that you do quite a few Workers Comp presentations. What is the subject that you talk about most and what subject causes the most questions? (A great question). The subject that I speak on Workers Comp about really depends

Workers Comp Ladder of Insurance Word of Warning

Workers Comp Word Of WARNING A word of warning for the Workers Comp ladder of insurance (c). There are two main situations where we have seen Workers Comp cause the premature demise of a business, especially small businesses. They are: Not being familiar with the laws concerning the number of employees

Article On Ohio Workers Compensation

Ohio Workers Compensation System Below is an article about Ohio Workers Compensation. Ohio is one of the states that has a state-run Workers Compensation system. I have predicted that all monopolistic Workers Comp systems will eventually fail and/or open up to a free-market system. Ohio’s Workers Comp system basically failed,

UNIT STAT Date Most Important For Experience Rating

UNIT STAT Date Most Important For Workers Comp Policies The most important date on the Workers Comp calendar is one that only a few select people know or follow.  (UNIT STAT date). If you thought it was the renewal date, you are throwing Workers Comp $ down the drain. Check

One Thing We Are Unable To Ever Do For Our Clients

One Thing We Will Never Do This is one thing we will never do to our clients. We are very assertive/aggressive in dealing with Workers Comp insurance carriers, NCCI, State Rating Bureaus, and other parties. We owe that to our clients. The one thing that we have been asked to

Corrected Loss Run – Will You Receive A Premium Refund?

Refund on 2003 Corrected Loss Run – Possible? A corrected loss run may not cause a 2003  policy year refund. You corrected a problem on your year 2003 Workers Comp claims loss run. Can you expect a refund of premiums? Under most circumstances, there would be no refund as it

Experience Mod or E-Mod Compared to Credit Report

The Experience Mod Is Like A Credit Score But Worse The Experience Mod or E-Mod  X-Mod can be compared to a credit report with nightmarish results in some cases.   How does a credit report compare to the E-Mod or X-Mod? The main difference between a credit report and a Workers



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