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December 2014

CutCompCosts Blog – 360,000+ Page Views In One Day – November

CutCompCosts Blog Pops In Popularity For One Day The CutCompCosts Blog had over 360,000+ Page Views in November.  If you own a blog, using Google’s webmaster tools may help your web traffic and enhance your website analysis. I was reading through some of the statistics on visitors, unique page views,

Claim Reviews = ‘Tis Season For Wasting Time Fa La La La

Tis’ The Season For Claim Reviews Many articles have appeared in this blog on claim reviews. One of the best methods to keep abreast of your current Workers Compensation claims situation is by reviewing your claims with your insurance carrier. We have seen many times where reviews are scheduled for

More WC Innovation from NWCDC – Thermazone

WC Innovation from NWCDC From Medical Company I had written earlier in the week on searching for WC innovation at the recent National Workers Compensation and Disability Conference last month in Las Vegas. As most of the innovation was in the vendor booths, I visited everyone of them over two

EMod (XMod) Can I Obtain One Before My Agent Provides It Every Year?

My EMod (XMod) – When Can You Obtain It? How do I obtain my Emod (Experience Modification Factor0?  This question was emailed from a  medium-sized company from Kansas. We receive this question regarding EMods often from employers that wish to budget for their upcoming Workers Comp policy year.    A

Proove Pharmaceuticals Great Innovator NWCDC – Las Vegas

Proove Pharmaceuticals – Innovator A great innovator Proove Pharmaceuticals was a vendor at the NWCDC  in Las Vegas. Workers Compensation is not one of the lines of insurance with very many innovations over the years.   I had decided that there had to be some innovation at the nation’s largest

North Carolina – Taxi Driver Was Independent Contractor

Taxi Driver  Independent Contractor  NC Court of Appeals Independent Contractor  status is one of  the most confusing areas in Workers Compensation over the last decade.  A recent North Carolina Court of Appeals decision actually strengthens the laws already in place.  (See NC 97.5-1). There are many articles in this blog



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