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July 2020

Talented Workers Comp Adjuster – Do They Have IT?

The Talented Workers Comp Adjuster – What is IT? IT Applies To Any Line of Adjusters – Not Just WC Many discussions on a talented workers comp adjuster (or any insurance line) begin something similar to this.  Wow, we are searching everywhere for talented adjusters. I have attended many conferences

Workers Comp Adjuster Communications – Use 3-3-3 Rule For Efficiency

Workers Comp Adjuster Communications vs. Productivity – 3-3-3 Rule Wins The 3-3-3 Rule(c) was invented by me in 1997 to help Workers Comp adjuster communications become more efficient and effective.   The rule still applies, even more, today in the age of Social Media. This rule can apply to so many

Most Reclassified Class Code – Which One Topped NCCI List For 2019?

Reclassified Class Code During 2019 Inspections – Which Code Changed The Most? NCCI recently released a quick report on the most reclassified class code for 2019.  We have seen this class code very often in the last five years.  Which was one was it? The most reclassified class code for

Workers Comp Premium Refunds Due To COVID Crisis

Carriers Providing Workers Comp Premium Refunds Due To Coronavirus Shutdowns? One of the most common questions we received since March from employers – Are carriers providing Workers Comp premium refunds due to the COVID crisis?  Is there a formula to know how much we are receiving?  Are states mandating carriers

IRS Workers Comp Rules – Two Payment Red Flags To Avoid

IRS Workers Comp Rules – Pay Attention To These Three Closely Every year near the personal tax filing deadline, we receive questions on IRS Workers Comp rules.  This year was no different with the COVID-extended deadline of July 15th.  I decided to cover the one IRS Workers Comp Rule that

Workers Comp Email – Five Best Practices To Avoid Trouble Later

Workers Comp Email Still Best Way To Document Communications – Five Quick Rules Workers Comp email still provides the best way to document files.  The sender and receiver can both have documentation of the communication in writing.  Some carriers and TPA’s do not add the email directly into the file. 

Workers Comp Webinar Technical Difficulties Can Be Avoided

Dry Runs Eliminate Workers Comp Webinar Technical Difficulties Unfortunately, Workers Comp webinar technical difficulties do happen now.  The statistics will catch up with the webinar community.  With so many workers comp webinars being presented, an organization cannot avoid having random technical difficulties. Bill Gates Says Pandemic Provided Opportunities On a

Large Deductible Workers Comp Policies – Paying 50% Of Expenses?

Large Deductible Workers Comp Policies May Require 50% Allocated Expense Payment We often perform workers comp policy reviews as part of our premium reduction consultant services.  Large deductible workers comp policies usually have a deductible amount ranging from $100,000 (the minimum) to $5million. The most popular retention level (think car



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