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January 2018

2018 NCCI Data Conference Top 10 Discoveries By Yours Truly

2018 NCCI Data Conference – My Fourth Year The 2018 NCCI Data Conference – The Path To Data Excellence – provided a large amount of material to review as it had for the last three years. The Top 10 things I learned this year were: Data reporting is a difficult

Responsible Risk Management On Highway – Our Safety Consultant

Responsible Risk Management And The Move Over Law This responsible risk management article was forwarded to me by our Safety Consultant Glen DuLac, CSP Why Not Start on the Right ? I had planned on writing a nice vanilla flavored Safety article, which would have caught the attention of the

Workers Comp Insurance Crisis – #1 Cause Called Bubble By Bankers

Workers Comp Insurance Crisis Comes From Outside US – Or Does It? The Workers Comp Insurance Crisis of the 1990’s seems so far away now.  The most notable factor comes from outside the US.   I have written often that China’s banking crisis could cause quite large rumblings in most of

Best Workers Comp App 2018 – Slim Pickings Android or ITunes

Best 2018 Workers Comp App in Slim Field The Best Workers Comp App found this and last week was Nova Medical Center’s App.  Was it an outstanding app?  No, but it made the grade in all of the applicable categories.   The main difference between Nova’s app and the rest were

Apple ITunes Store Apps – Another Workers Comp Rabbit Hole Trip

Apple ITunes Store Apps Barren Territory For Workers Comp The Apple ITunes Store Apps for Workers Comp search resulted from my yearly search for Google PlayStore Apps. The names  ITunes and Playstore do not bolster my confidence in finding any business apps.  I also checked them on my semi-smartphone to

Serious Workers Comp Claims Result From Cold Weather

Very Serious Workers Comp Claims Involves Extreme Cold Weather A set of serious Workers Comp claims always happen with an arctic cold blast – even when not expected at our HQ.  The lateness of this article and last week’s newsletter will attest to how difficult the recent East Coast storm

2018 Android Workers Comp Apps – My Search Had Surprising Results

 2018 Android Workers Comp Apps – Another Trip Into The Rabbit Hole My 2018 Android Workers Comp Apps search was performed using a laptop, not a smartphone.   The rabbit hole reference, of course, is from Alice in Wonderland(c). The laptop use made what could be a very difficult smartphone task



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