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December 2016

Top Ten Work Comp New Years Resolutions 2017 Version with Bonus

Top Ten Work Comp New Years Resolutions 2017 The Top Ten Work Comp New Years Resolutions 2017 started a few years ago .   I have updated them each year.   You can find those resolutions here using this search inside the J&L Risk Management articles.     There are

Insurance Trends vs. Paper Clips – Lets Get Ready To Analyze

Insurance Trends  vs. Paper Clips Analytics The analysis of most insurance trends involves many innocuous spreadsheets that only gives the reader headaches.   I was looking over an old article today concerning a NCPRIMA presentation from 2014. BTW, we are upgrading every article on this website to make it Google

Google Play Store And My Annual Search for Work Comp Apps – Not Good

Google Play Store Has No New WC Apps for 2016 – 2017 The Google Play Store (where Android Apps live) was my last hope for a humongous leap in  my continuous search for technology in WC.  One again, as expected, I was more than disappointed. Semi-rant alert!!! I decided to

James J Moore E-Mod LDF Presentation – Mid State Safety Council

James J Moore E-Mod LDF Presentation With Slides Available E-Mods and LDF’s_NC Midstate_12_13_16 <<<Slides  – File is 7mb Our founder, James J Moore E-Mod LDF presentation went well at the NC Mid State Safety Council’s Winter Lunch and Learn training session. The slides from the presentation are available for download at

North Carolina Rate Bureau Reform – New Insurance Commissioner

The North Carolina Rate Bureau With A New Insurance Commissioner The North Carolina Rate Bureau (NCRB) is one of the last standing independent rating bureaus for Workers Compensation.    The times are changing as the new Insurance Commissioner –Mike Causey  has mentioned that one of his post-election goals was to

ACA Repeal Could Lead To More Workers Comp Case Shifting

Will ACA Repeal (Affordable Care Act) Cause Case Shifting to WC? The drumbeat for ACA repeal  has grown much louder with the new administration just around the corner.   This article on the new demands to keep Obamacare alive was an interesting angle from the health insurance sector. Please read

2016 NWCDC Innovations IWalkFree Medical Equipment

2016 NWCDC Innovations – Two Companies – iWalkFree My 2016 NWCDC Innovations search ended up where I had thought it would from the beginning.   I spent a large amount of time in the vendor area.  The medical equipment innovators are usually at the cutting edge in WC.   The NWCDC

Workers Comp Innovation – NWCDC – National Work Comp Conference

Workers Comp Innovation Search – Wish Me Luck My Workers Comp innovation search has involved many conferences and apps.   I am once again spelunking to see if there exists any new processes or products at the NWCDC in New Orleans.    The conference in 2014 and especially 2015 provided



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