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April 2020

Workers Comp Humor During The Lockdowns – Working @ Home

Workers Comp Humor Needed Now – My Major Accomplishment and The Theremin OK, so my attempt at Workers Comp humor or any humor may fall flat.   Well, here it goes.   Also, my method for securing toilet paper after I ran out.    BTW, I am not a hoarder.  Four packs

Coronavirus Return To Work – Top 10 Issues For Workers Comp

Pending Post Coronavirus Return To Work Issues – Top 10 Preparations Coronavirus return to work issues will become the buzzword phrase in Workers Comp over the next few months (rightfully so).   Any references to a return to work mean all employees except for #9 below. This complete list may not

Phoned In FROI Response To My Last Article – Excoriated

Phoned In FROI (First Report of Injury) Reader Response To My Last Article A reader phoned in FROI response left an unapproving voice mail this morning.   My last article covered the First Report of Injury coding becoming very important due to COVID-related claims. The reader said examples of the sections

First Report of Injury Coding Goes From Important To Critical

First Report of Injury Coding Now Even More Critical Than Before The First Report of Injury Coding now becomes something to watch for in the next five years.  Well, you should have been watching the coding before now if you had online access to your claims.   Why was a

WCIRB XMod Decision Gives Employers COVID Reprieve – Sort Of

WCIRB XMod Decision Includes COVID-related Claims With Three Caveats The WCIRB XMod decision this week should provide employers somewhat of a break for incurring COVID-related claims.   WCIRB is the Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California. A question was sent to NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance),  as I write

COVID Compensability Conundrum – Who’s Covering What?

COVID Compensability Conundrum – Coronavirus Causing Workers Comp Claims? Adjusters Will Deal With COVID Claims  The COVID Compensability Conundrum will arrive later this year when workers comp claims adjusters have to make difficult and complicated claim decisions. Most states have a disease statute.  Not many states include personal sensitivity claims

COVID-19 Pandemic Statistical Madness Rears Its Ugly Head

COVID-19 Pandemic Statistical Madness – Whose Numbers Are Correct? The COVID-19 Pandemic statistical madness has reached epic proportions.   I usually do not stray from Workers Comp articles.  That is why you read this blog and the newsletter.   However, the recent numbers flashed on screens across the world gave me pause.

Workers Comp Medical Network Penetration Increases Utilization Costs

Workers Comp Medical Network Penetration Means Higher Use – NCCI Study A recent NCCI Study indicates that a higher Workers Comp medical network penetration rate results in a higher rate of utilization.   Check out the study here on their website.   The study reads as a little complicated, but bear with



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