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August 2018

California Supreme Court Decision Independent Contractors Definition

California Supreme Court Changes Definition of Independent Contractor The California Supreme Court recently decided how to distinguish a contractor from an employee for the Golden State’s employers. The decision is called Dynamex decision.  The California Supreme Court decision can be found here.  For the legal diehards, the decision is 85+

Medical Treatment Networks Save Money – Win Win Win On Claim

Medical Treatment Networks – A Little Work Saves Big Claim Dollars Works For All Types of Employers And Provides Injured Workers With Top-Notch Treatment Workers Compensation Medical treatment networks remain the mother of all workers comp savings plans.   If an injury occurs, knowing the local industrial minded physicians and other

Workers Comp Blogs May Have Good News Coming Soon

Google’s Recent Core Update May Help Workers Comp Blogs And Other Insurance Bloggers. Good News Travels Fast On Workers Comp Blogs Google gives medical Workers Comp Blogs a thumbs-up this week.  Now maybe a great time to start that Workers Comp blog .  A medical-insurance-type blog would likely now be

Workers Comp Documents Top Six Best Read on Paper – With Bonus

Workers Comp Documents – Paper Is Best In These Instances Many Workers Comp documents can be left as PDFs in a computer file.   Some documents read better on paper.   This article came about due to the article from two weeks ago on paper files in the age of the small

Injured Workers Trust Four Professionals The Most During Their Claim

Who Do Injured Workers Trust During Medical Treatment?   Most injured workers resemble their counterparts in the general public.  I came across this article on the most trusted professions.    At least five articles on these professionals have appeared earlier.   I decided to covert the general public view as the

Workers Compensation Accident MVA Spike and Smartphone Use

MVA Workers Compensation Accident Increase Possibly Linked To Smartphones The Workers Compensation accident increase reports are a thing of the past. All of us know that on-the-job accidents have decreased significantly over the last few years.   The one constant in these reports is the lack of a root cause. Why

Workers Compensation Medical Treatment Lag Time – WCRI

WCRI – Time From  First Injury To Workers Compensation Medical Treatment – Comparison Across 18 States Most Workers Compensation medical treatment foretells how a claim will progress over its lifetime.  One of My Six Keys To Saving  on Workers Comp claims involves having a preset medical network in place. The

NCCI Virginia Advisory Forum 2018 – Shocking Nationwide Statistics

Shocking Results at NCCI Virginia Advisory Forum – All Good The NCCI Virginia Advisory Forum showed a strong Workers Comp market.   The strong market is not surprising.   The strength of the nationwide market was astounding. I attended the NCCI Virginia Advisory Forum in Richmond yesterday.  North Carolina has it own



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