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November 2012

E-Mods and X-Mods Affected By Lack of Technology

Lack Of Technology – E-Mods and X-Mods All E-Mods and X-Mods are affected directly by technology. In my last post, one of the statistics that jumped off the page caused me to write this blog separately as there is a study that finally relates the lack of technology by Workers

Workers Comp Systems Are Antiquated At Best

Workers Comp Systems One of my main concerns in working with clients is the basically outdated Workers Comp systems that have to be trudged through to even perform basic operations.  This article on outdated Workers Comp systems analyzed what Workers Comp claims workers already knew – most systems are severely

Premium Audits – How Far Back Can They Go Into Your Policy Years

Premium Audits May Go Back Into The Past Workers Comp premium audits can be a harrowing situation.  This can be worse when you current or prior carrier decides to re-audit your policy after they already had one shot at it.   The very short question  in the post title came

Giving Thanks For Workers Compensation System That Feed Us

Giving Thanks To The System That Feeds Us This is my giving thanks for Workers Compensation. Workers Compensation with all of  its trials and tribulations is sometimes overlooked for fueling a very large industry – insurance services.   We analyze Workers Comp to the nth degree on a claim-by-claim basis

Workers Comp Advisory Rate Semi-rant – Look at Numbers

Advisory Rate Semi-rant – The Numbers I apologize for my advisory rate semi-rant.   A Workers Comp Advisory rate is just that – advisory rates.  Much attention is given to the publication of advisory rates.  They actually mean nothing whatsoever to what any company in that state will pay for Workers

Iowa Approves 7.9% Rate Increase In a Down Economy?

Iowa Approves 7.9% Increase in Rates (Ouch) The state of Iowa Approves a 7.9 percent rate increase.   NCCI recommended that Iowa increase its Workers Compensation rates by 7.9% (3% effective 01/01/13 + additional 4%  on 07/01/13).  Iowa subsequently approved the rate increases. This was rather surprising in such a

Texas Workers Comp Payments Decrease Due To Reforms

Texas Workers Comp Payments Are Lowering  The state of Texas workers comp payouts decreased for the first time in years.  According to WCRI,  the payments decreased overall by 4%.  This is a very large one year decrease in the current Workers Comp environment.   Texas enacted a large group of

Could Opt Out Programs End Workers Comp As We Know It?

Non-Subscriber or Opt Out Programs – Work Comp Doom? The Non-Subscriber or Opt out programs could end Workers Comp?   This year’s LRP Workers Comp Conference in Las Vegas was very informative.  I was searching out any new technologies, services, or products in the Workers Comp arena. The vendor area

Premium Audit Workpapers – Employers Can Obtain Copy

Premium Audit Workpapers – No Harm To Ask For Them Premium audit workpapers are one of the audit items that are seldom provided to employers.  I have also seen them provided to employers with the audit results or at the time of the premium audit bill.   Along those lines, I

Workers Compensation Innovation At NWCDC Conference

Workers Compensation Innovation – Little To None Workers Compensation Innovation is  one of the main areas I pay attention to when I attend Worker Comp conferences.  I do not mean to disparage companies that are Workers Comp service providers.  I am attending the National Workers Comp Conference in Las Vegas

Obama or Romney – Vote For Workers Compensation?

Workers Compensation Vote – Obama or Romney Workers Compensation – would a vote for Obama or Romney be a vote for our industry? Well, we are finally here.   I will miss the droning on off all the commercials.  I live a battleground state so they airwaves and internet were flooded

Workers Comp Claims Spike – Easy Way To Handle?

Workers Comp Claims Spike May Show Need For More Training Does a Workers Comp Claims spike have an easy solution? In my last post,  the learning curve was what I thought would be the reason for an upcoming  workers comp claims spike or explosion in claims.  Rookies tend to make

Will There Be Spike In Workers Comp Claims Due to Sandy?

Spike In Workers Comp Claims Post Natural Disaster Hurricane Sandy could cause a spike in Workers Comp claims?   New York, New Jersey, and many other states have felt the impact of Superstorm Sandy.  The hidden increase in economic costs will occur when the rebuilding begins.  I had coined the



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