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July 2009

Medical Reserves and CPT Codes In Workers Comp Claims

Medical Reserves – CPT Codes Workers Comp medical reserves are the most complicated of the three reserves to estimate. Can you imagine trying to predict all of the medical treatment that will occur over the lifetime of a file? There are as many medical treatments as there are CPT codes.

Workers Comp Indemnity Reserves Basic Definition

Workers Comp  Indemnity Reserves Are One Of Three Reserve Categories The Workers Comp indemnity reserves on a claim represent the future payouts of benefits to the employee over the life of the claim. The definitions for most of these terms can be found by clicking on the Definitions tab/button in

Workers Comp Claim Reserve Contains Three Parts

Workers Comp Claim Reserve = Three Parts This post could be a very long one as there are hundreds of variables that comprise a Workers Comp claim reserve. Each state is unto itself on the benefits that are provided under Workers Compensation. There is no one list that points out

How and When Are Reserves Set For Each Claim?

Workers Comp Claims Reserves Set At 60 Days When are  indemnity,medical expense reserves set on your claims?  This subject is one of the most confusing and frustrating budget areas for insureds. Workers Comp reserves are very important to companies with a regular commercial insurance policy or self-insureds. Quite often, I

Hallmark and American Greetings Can Be Great For Loss Control

Hallmark and American Greetings Cards Are Great Risk Management The Hallmark and American Greetings cards help control Work Comp Costs. One of our blog readers reminded me that I did not post an article on how greeting card companies can be great for reducing Workers Comp claims costs. I usually cover

How Would Doctor Know Duties Of Each Job – Job Duty Videos

Doctor Needs to Know Duties Of Each Job Most employers create job duty videos after a string or one serious accident occurs in a policy year.   Videoing the job tasks for all jobs is a great Risk Management technique. The Doctor should know their duties of each job are important.Once

Insurance Commissioner @ California Says 27 Ways To Cut Comp Costs

CA Insurance Commissioner  – 27 Recommendations For Cutting Comp Costs CA Insurance Commissioner issues recommendations to cut WC costs. After rejecting any increase in the pure premium rates for California this week, Commissioner Steve Poizner issued a proclamation citing 27 ways to cut Workers Comp Costs in CA. A summary of

California Insurance Commissioner Surprises On Increase

California’s Insurance Commissioner Says Zero Increase California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner today recommend a 0% rate increase for advisory rates effective July 1, 2009. I was expecting the Commissioner to recommend a 7% – 10% rate increase. The reasons for the recommendation are not that surprising. The amount was the shocker.

Understanding Premium Or Payroll Audit Process Myths vs Truths

Premium Or Payroll Audit Process The premium or payroll audit process contains many Myths and Truths. I was going back through some of the posts over the last few weeks. In The Six Keys To Saving On Workers Compensation post, I said I would cover #5 – Understanding Your Premium



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