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January 2010

Washingtons Workers Comp Monopolistic System – Next To Fail?

Washingtons Workers Comp System An internal audit by the State of Washingtons Workers Compensation Department of Labor and Industry (L&I) may be the start of another Workers Comp system converting from a monopolistic system to a private system. West Virginia recently converted their state-run system into a free market. Washington’s

Premium Audits – 10 Things To NOT Do During Them

10 Things To NOT Do Concerning Premium Audits With premium audits, there are 10 things we recommended not doing at all.   As most Workers Compensation policies renew on January 1st of each year, I thought I would post on what NOT to do from the time that the premium

Workers Comp Audits – Five Effective Ways To Prepare

Five Ways To Prepare For Workers Comp Audits These five Methods For Workers Comp Audits preparation will remove some of the premium audit stress. If you are a company that is large enough to not self-report your Workers Compensation payroll, you will experience the insurance company audit process. There are

Medicare Set asides – Possible No Statute of Limitations

Medicare Set asides May Never Close Out The Medicare set asides possibly possess no statute of limitations.  We have received a large number of questions on my last post. I thought it was best to post the excerpt from the town hall meeting to make sure all of my readers

CMS Medicare Set-aside Arrangements No Statute of Limitations

CMS Medicare Set-aside Arrangements No Statute of Limitation A CMS Medicare Set-aside Arrangements announcement was published today.  The CMS announced a very serious revelation on their authority.   CMS is an acronym for the Center for Medicaid/Medicare Services.   Recently, I had posted a few times on the Centers for

Workers Comp Premiums And Buying Business – Avoid Sticker Shock

Buying Out A Business And Workers Comp Premiums A  business owner may experience a Workers Comp Premiums shock when buying out a  new business. We have received a few calls on this situation in the last few months. A company or individual decides to buy another company. The deal is cut.

Changes of company ownership – Workers Compensation Specific Rules

Workers Compensation Changes Of Company Ownership The E-Mod liabilities change for Workers Compensation during changes of company ownership. I received a question last week concerning company ownership liabilities when a company is acquired by another company or individual. There are actually very long and somewhat complicated rules on Experience Modification

CMS Dreaded Medicare Set-aside Arrangement Memo – Meaning?

CMS And the Dreaded Medicare Set-aside Arrangement Memo The Dreaded Medicare set-aside arrangement memo was produced by CMS a few months ago.  Over the past week, I have covered the Centers for Medicaid/Medicare Services (CMS) Medicare Set-aside agreements and how CMS changed the playing field with its 7/1/09 memo to

Dreaded Medicare Set-aside Agreement Memo From CMS

CMS and Dreaded Medicare Set-Aside Agreement Memo What are the CMS and the dreaded medicare set-aside agreement memo effect on workers compensation? On July 1, 2009 the Center for Medicaid/Medicare Services (CMS) issued an innocuous-looking memo that will likely result in sanctions by the Federal Government and many lawsuits. In

Definition Workers Compensation Medicare Set-aside Arrangements

Workers Compensation Medicare Set-aside Agreements Explained Benefits for Workers Compensation Medicare expenses must be protected for the CMS. It is the responsibility of all parties to protect Medicare’s interests when resolving cases with future medical expenses. Forecasting future Workers Compensation medical benefits can be very complicated. The recommended method for

Workers Comp Medical bill fee schedule Nonexistent In Few States

Corrected on States Without Workers Comp Medical Bill Fee Schedules The States of Virginia Workers Comp Medical Bill Fee Schedules does not exist.  A few weeks ago, I posted a blog on the States that have no medical fee schedules. I stand corrected as I left Virginia out as a

Waived Premium Audit May Not Be Great Sign For Employer

Waived Premium Audit May Not Be A Good Idea The Waived Premium Audit allows an insurance to not perform a yearly audit. I have come across situations lately where the insurance carrier has decided to waive a Workers Comp premium audit and not even attempt to audit the payroll and



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