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November 2015

Workers Comp Innovators At NWCDC – One Astounding Company

Workers Comp Innovators At The NWCDC Almost all of the workers comp innovators at the NWCDC (National Workers Comp and Disability Conference) in Las Vegas were the exhibitors.   Three years ago, I visited every booth, and found basically zero innovation.  Exogen  had the most  innovative product.  Yes, a bone

Workers Comps Future – Recruiting/Retaining Next Generation

Workers Comps Future – Recruiting & Retaining the Next Generation of Claims Talent The Workers Comps future rests on the next generation of claims talent. Jennifer Burkhart | National Workers’ Comp Claims Leader, Westfield Insurance Dan Holden | Manager of Corporate Risk & Insurance, Daimler Trucks North America Rick Thompson

How Nurse Case Managers Add Value to WC Claims

CM3: How Nurse Case Managers Add Value to Workers’ Compensation Claims Workers Comp claims a nurse case managers and add value. Mary O’Donoghue, Vice President, Medical Services Helmsman Management Services Stephanie Perilli, Senior Director, Medical & Health Management The Home Depot November 12, 2015 8:30 a.m. – 9:45 a.m Nurse

Rising Medical Solutions Comprehensive Think Tank Report

Rising Medical Solutions Invited James Moore To Think Tank A very forward-thinking company – Rising Medical Solutions- and Peter Rousmaniere invited me to a think tank type meeting earlier this year in Chicago. There is no article on the J&L Risk Management website that covers the meeting as I decided

Trans-Pacific Partnership Obamatrade Agreement Full Access

Trans-Pacific Partnership Obamatrade Agreement Access The full Trans-Pacific Partnership Obama trade agreement was a rare find. I have received any inquires as to the link in the last article on the TPP Obamatrade agreement.   It seems the Feds have split it into hundreds of documents.   I do not

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Contains Workers Comp Provision

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Page 4343 How is Workers Comp Affected? The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)  is now the new buzzword in the political arenas.   The controversial agreement was just released yesterday. How many times does it appear in the TPP?  Will it affect WC? Actually the TPP only mentions

Is New Virginia Rule 14 Work Comp Fee Schedule?

The New Virginia Rule 14 – Fee Schedule Soon? The new State of Virginia Rule 14 is now closed for comments.   A copy of the Proposed Rule 14 can be found here.  (PDF File). According to the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission, a public hearing on Virginia Rule 14 was

Few Work Comp Premium Written Surprises for 2014

Work Comp Premium Written Surprises for 2014 The total work comp premium written for 2014 increased 5.6% over 2013 to $46.8 billion according to AM Best.   These figures were part of the Top 25 Workers Comp carriers for 2014 report issued annually. Two carriers doubled their net premiums written



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