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May 2019

Medical Fee Schedule Dilemma – WCRI Study – High Cost States Have None

Medical Fee Schedule Dilemma – No Schedule Means Higher Costs Now and In Future The WCRI (Workers Compensation Research Institute) just released a study pointing out a medical fee schedule dilemma.   The states that still hold on to the old U&C (Usual and Customary) method of charging for workers’ compensation

XMod Formula Update – WCIRB Discusses Results With New Webinar

California WCIRB Webinar Discusses XMod Formula Update For 2019 California’s WCIRB presented a great webinar yesterday on the effects of the XMod formula update.  Check out this article I wrote last year for more on the XMod formula update. Please note that the WCIRB has always been more than helpful

Return To Work Risk Management Failure – No Job Bank

Involving the Physician in Return To Work Risk Management A huge risk return to work risk management failure begins when the physician evaluates the injured employee for a light or full duty release.   One of my Six Keys to Cutting Workers Comp Costs involves return to work risk management.

OSHA Consultant – Part 2- Keeping Your Cool in a Hot Zone

Our OSHA Consultant Glen, CSP adds in another part of the Safety Metrics  –  Keeping Your Cool in a Hot Zone series “ As the company’s chief financial officer, what can you tell me about your companies experience modifier? “ Answer: “ I  know that it is higher than it

Workers’ Compensation Android iPhone Apps – The Search Returns

Workers’ Compensation Android iPhone Apps Usually Disappoint My search for Workers’ Compensation Android iPhone apps usually leaves me saying, “Why so few?” My searches came up with a few selections in 2015, 2016, and 2017.   Last year my search for Workers’ Compensation Android Ipphone apps surprised me.   The search ended

Safety Metrics – Keeping  your Cool in a Hot Zone – Four Part Series

Our OSHA Consultant Publishes a Four-Part Series on Safety Metrics Safety metrics is the way we will measure our safety program.   Without measurements we have nothing. Every profession has ways of measuring the success and failure of their endeavors. Accountants, look at balance sheets, earning, and  ( ROI ) return

Employee Treatment Silent X Factor Great Risk Management

Employee Treatment By Employer Silent and Critical Factor The following advice on employee treatment by the employer is from an old manual I began in the 1980s and added to over the years.  I used to sell it as an income stream.   Employee treatment is not necessarily medical treatment.  I



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