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October 2007

Workers Comp Premiums – Most Common Error Found

Workers Comp Premiums Most Common Error The most common error in Workers Comp premiums and policies is one that I had to think over for a few days as there are so many. We are asked this question very often. For quite some time there were so many answers that

West Virginia Workers Comp Environment Is Changing

Workers Comp Environment Changes The Workers Comp environment is changing in West Virginia.We are now closing in on West Virginia Workers Comp having an open market for Work Comp insurers to write policies as of 7/1/08. I have been asked often about what the market will look like as of

South Carolina Workers Comp PPD Rating News Item

Rating Viewings South Carolina Workers Comp News Item  South Carolina Workers Comp took a turn for the worse for adjusters trying to set permanency reserves on files.  On Friday, the South Carolina Industrial Commission decided to not go along with Governor Mark Sanford’s previous Order that the Industrial Commissioners decide permanency

Workers Comp Blog Readers Ask Another Great Question On Our Services

Great Question From Our Workers Comp Blog Readers Another Question from Our Workers Comp Blog readers – There are a few companies that do Workers Comp premium reviews such as J&L. Do you do anything different than your competitors? Answer – There are a few things that separate us from

Workers Comp Questions and Comments From Our Readers

Workers Comp Questions and Comments From Our Readers The Workers Comp questions and comments vary greatly. We received this question recently: A consultant came into our offices and sold us on doing Workers Compensation premium reviews. The services looked similar to what you offer to employers. The consultant said that

Workers Comp Terms in Google Searches – Most Common Errors

Workers Comp Terms In Google Search Errors Below is a list of commonly misspelled words as used in searches for Workers Comp terms in google search. We have highlighted the words that caused the mistaken Workers Comp searches in all of the search engines. Why did these Work Comp searches

Workers Comp Captives – Viable Alternative Unless IRS Changes

Workers Comp Captives – IRS Mulling Changes The Workers Comp Captives are the IRS news today. The blog post today was supposed to be about Searching for Workers Comp terms in Google and the mistakes that are made in the Work Comp searches. We will get back to that tomorrow

Google Bing Searches For Workers Comp Terms Many Variations

Google Bing Searches Part I Google Bing Searches now dominate the internet. Google and Bing are now the best search engines for workers comp terms. Searching for what you want to find in Google and the other search engines can be very tough. Work Comp searching is even more difficult.

Work Comp Secret Question You Can Ask Anyone

The Work Comp Secret Question Is? What is the work comp secret question to ask anyone that deals with your Workers Comp to see if they understand the whole Workers  Compensation picture? The answer – you will need to contact us here to find out. It is a good one that

Reserve Reviews – Hidden Way to Save Workers Comp Funds

Workers Comp Reserve Reviews Can Be Complicated Reserve Reviews – the hidden way to save $ on your Workers Comp premiums – Reserve reviews are not something that most of our competition cares to address. However, reserve reviews are just as important as premium reviews. Once again, we try to

Premium and Reserve Reviews Are Very Different Tasks

Work Comp Premium and Reserve Review Differences The difference between Workers Compensation premium and reserve reviews comes up often during one of our presentations or in speaking with current or potential clients. To keep from boring you to tears, we will cover Premium Reviews today and Reserve Reviews next time.

Policy Renewal – When We Usually Hear From Companies

We Usually Hear From Companies Just Before Or After Policy Renewal The workers comp policy renewal date sparks much interest from most employers whether it is approaching or has just passed in the last few days or weeks. This is a question that was posed to me at a recent

HVAC Classification Code Retired – NCCI Closes Out Popular Code

NCCI Retired HVAC Classification Code 5536 NCCI Retired HVAC Classification Code – where does that put your company? Quite a few of our clients that have been overcharged on Workers Compensation are HVAC employers. Now, to complicate matters even more, the HVAC Classification Code 5536 has been eliminated due to

Brickstreet and Apology For Not Posting Articles Over Last Two Weeks

Brickstreet Class Action Pursued By West Virginia Manufacturer This article on Brickstreet appeared in many newspapers and Workers Comp publications last week. My Apologies – due to traveling and being in an area with sketchy WiFi and very slow dial-up service, the blogs have not been tended to for about



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