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April 2012

Payroll and Premium Audit Urgent Question – $85,000 Audit Bill

Urgent Question – Payroll and Premium Audit I received this urgent question on payroll and premium audit at 2 AM. The sender must have been losing sleep over it. We are now with a new carrier. Our Workers Comp Payroll Auditor came into our business four months ago. She went

Emod Changes Article – Woops – I made a mistake earlier

Emod Changes – A Correction To One Figure The Emod Changes articles that  I wrote last week had a slight error. The E-Mod/X-Mod changes that I posted over the last two weeks had an error in them. I rarely ever go back and correct or change a post. This time

Australian Compo Paid To Woman Injured During Sex

Australian Compo Benefits For  Woman Injured During Sex Australian Compo is paid out on a very questionable claim.  An Australian woman is injured during sex at a hotel. Believe it or not, the judge ruled that this is the same as watching TV or taking a shower. I am not

Bid On Contracts With High X-Mod But To Smaller Market

Difficult to Bid On Contracts With A High X-Mod Should we still bid on contracts with a  high X-Mod?   I received this question two weeks ago and wanted to answer it. The rest of the question is – How do we reduce our X-Mod very quickly? We receive a large

North Carolina Workers Compensation = 30,000 uninsured employers

30,000 Uninsured Employers – NC Workers Comp Uninsured employers have plagued the Workers Comp system for many years. Was anyone actually shocked there are 30,000 employers (with more than two employees) that have no policy to cover their workers if injured on the job? I was shocked when this number

E-Mod Calculation Showing Formulas – More Changes Ahead

More Changes Ahead – E-Mod Calculation Last week, I discussed the upcoming changes to the E-Mod calculation and gave an example. One area I wanted to clarify is that the new E-Mod calculation going into effect for any polices that commence AFTER January 1, 2013. For example, if a state publishes

Independent Contractor vs Employee – IRS Issues New Rulings

Independent Contractor vs Employee Independent contractor status for Workers Compensation is one of the most discussed topics I have come across lately. Have the rules changed that much over the last few years? Check these links for a few articles I had written in the past on subcontractors, ladder of

NCCI Changes Experience Mod (E-Mod) Calculation – Analysis

NCCI Changes the Experience Mod Calculation In my last post, I discussed the upcoming changes to the E-Mod calculation. The NCCI changes may look simple, but the cost of operating an unsafe business will be substantial. Your Risk Manager and Safety Department will be 100% more valuable overnight. I thought

NCCI Sends Wake Up Call to Unsafe Companies

Unsafe Companies – NCCI Says Pay Your Fair Share The NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance) has dramatically changed the way that companies will be rated for any polices that are effective after 1/1/2013. Unsafe companies are now going to have higher E-Mods. Companies with much better loss histories will



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