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January 2022

NCCI Atlas Initiative Looks To Make Info More User Friendly

NCCI Atlas Initiative – Making Searches Work For Users I just finished watching the NCCI Atlas Initiative webinar that was part of their Data Education program.   I found it interesting that NCCI is now doing something about the same concerns that users have had for many years. My biggest gripe

Workers Comp Claims Departments Rarely Sourced For Studies

Workers Comp Claims Departments Have Often Ignored Numbers and Opinions Why are Workers Comp claims departments so rarely asked for input into studies for financial data or opinions?   Many articles have been written over the years on studies concerning Workers Comp data that obviously did not ask any claims staff

Workers Compensation Self Insureds – Often Ignored Puzzle Piece

Workers Compensation Self-Insureds Gripe At Me Most For This One Reason Yes, I admit it.  I often write about Experience Modification Factors, premium audits, and other parts of the WC system.  I should be writing more articles on Workers Compensation Self Insureds than I have over the years.   Then again,

Paying Workers Comp Benefits Late – Five Ways It Can Cost You

Paying Workers Compensation Late – Five Ways It Costs Claims Staff Paying Workers Comp benefits late can cause a claims adjuster or staff many headaches that quickly can avoid many problems in the future.  Many states have rules on the books that penalize slow payers for benefits that are owed

2022 Workers Comp Self-Insured Resolutions – A Few Changes

2022 Workers Comp Self-Insured Resolutions – Post-Pandemic(?) The 2022 Workers Comp self-insured resolutions should be looked at as a bridge from the pandemic to the post-pandemic era. Over the last 13+ years including 2021, I have written articles on workers comp resolutions.  Our self-insured clients and article/newsletter readers always remind

New Jersey Legislation Gives Break to S Corporations With New Bill

Proposed New Jersey Legislation Gives S Corporations A Break An interesting Bill that is now proposed  New Jersey Legislation would give S Corporations that are micro-companies a break on having to acquire Workers Comp coverage.   Some states such as West Virginia require even micro-employers to have Workers Comp coverage. J&L

Nixon Administration and Workers Comp Federalization 50 Years Ago

Nixon Administration Study on Federalizing Workers Comp I have written many times on prepping for the federalization of Workers Comp.  The Nixon Administration’s efforts to possibly make Workers Comp a federal insurance program was unknown to me at the time I wrote many of the federalization articles. Thanks to WorkCompCentral;

2022 Workers Comp Resolutions – Major Updates to 2021 + COVID

2022 Workers Comp Resolutions – A Few Major Changes The 2022 Workers Comp resolutions have changed from the 2021 resolutions.  I have written resolutions for almost 15 years.  As with the whole Workers Comp industry, the resolutions have changed a little, but not substantially. Keeping to the below resolutions will



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