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December 2013

Liability Adjusting Is Part of Workers Compensation Claims

Liability Adjusting Enables Great Workers Comp Adjusting One of the more complex liability adjusting components of  Workers Comp claims is subrogation. Subrogation rears its ugly head (or the lack thereof) on a large percentage of Workers Compensation files.  The percentage referred to is the lack of knowledge by WC adjusters

WC Premium Increases Secret – Insurers Ignore Rating Bureaus

WC Premium Increases Source Not Rating Bureaus The secret to WC premium increases has to do with investment risk. The questions that I am asked the most in my line of work are twofold: Do you know of a good stock to invest in – a hot stock tip as

Judicial Hellholes List – For Workers Comp In WV and IL

Judicial Hellholes Across America – Workers Comp Version The American Tort Reform Foundation (ATRF) recently released its annual Judicial Hellholes List.  One has to wonder if Workers Comp is mentioned in the annual study. Actually,  WC appears an unlucky 13 times.  If you have triskaidekaphobia, you may want to avoid

Bad Santa Grinch – Did Workers Comp Make Me One?

Bad Santa Grinch – Yes I Was Mean And Green Every Year The bad Santa Grinch Workers Comp made.One of the most disturbing trends in my WC career occurred every Christmas.  I started my career in claims.  Every year just before the Yuletide I was told at least once –

Six Self Insurance Program Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Self Insurance Program Mistakes Can Be Costly Below are six self insurance program mistakes and how to avoid them.  Over the last several weeks, I have received numerous emails from Workers Comp self-insureds.  Most of them were reminders to write articles about self-insurance programs.  The six mistakes some self-insureds make

Workers Comp Study Ask For Adjuster or Risk Manager Opinion?

A Great Workers Comp Study With No Claims or Risk Input A recent Workers Comp study on Zero Cost Claims makes me wonder if the researchers decided to ask an adjuster or risk manager their opinion before they published the article.  I found the study in a recent Insurance Journal article.

WC Loss Run Reserve – Public Employers Upcoming Deadline

WC Loss Run Reserve Levels Crucial For Public Employers Certain organizations need to concentrate on WC Loss Run reserve levels now.   Yesterday, I pointed out that employers with a renewal date of 1/1/14 are wasting time performing loss run reviews.   That is not 100% true as at least

Best Way To Waste Time On Workers Comp in December

The Easiest Way To Waste Time On Workers Comp Before The New Year I have discovered the best way to waste time on Workers Comp in December.   Workers Compensation reserves do not directly apply to a policy that renews within 30 days.   We receive many emails and phone



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