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June 2012

North Carolina HB 237 – Media Wants Veto Due To Access Ban

North Carolina HB 237 – Reporter Concern on Access The North Carolina HB 237 is very important for enforcing the Workers Comp insurance requirement in the Tarheel State. In the past week, Workers Compensation based North Carolina House Bill 237 – HB 237 – amendment was the subject of a

No XMod On Premium Audit Bill – Reader Question

Reader Question – No XMod On Premium Audit Bill A reader question came in this week concerning the lack of an XMod on the premium audit bill. Xmods or X-Mods are WCIRB’s equivalent of an E-Mod (EMod). The WCIRB is California’s equivalent of the NCCI. The full names of the acronyms

North Carolina Legislature Creates Committee On Employer Compliance

North Carolina Legislature Creates Committee The North Carolina Legislature has passed two different amendments to House Bill 237 better known as the Workers Compensation reform act. The two amendments functioned as a way to better track employers without coverage. The amendments also created a Legislative subcommittee for employer compliance and

Workers Comp Enforcement Increased By North Carolina Legislature

Workers Comp Enforcement Increase with HB 237 The Workers Comp enforcement was increased by the NC legislature this week. The North Carolina Legislature amended House Bill 237 – known as the 2011 Workers Comp reforms.  The amendments were in response to a very inquisitive reporter discovering 30,000 employers in North

Assigned Risk Plans – Does My Company Need One?

Assigned Risk Plans Are Not Voluntary Should I have to join the Assigned Risk plans? The  Assigned Risk Plan (ARP) is not a voluntary choice. There are other names for the ARP such as risk pool. The rates in the ARP are much higher than the general voluntary marketplace. In fact,

1001 Posts on Workers Comp – J&L Risk Management James J Moore

Cutcompcosts.com Reaches 1001 Posts Total Our Workers Comp blog totaled 1001 Posts today.   Workers Compensation can be such a boring subject. It can also be a costly subject that wrecks a company’s budget. I had a goal in 2007 when I started this blog to try to come up

Medicare Set Asides – Call In Today at 1PM Town Hall

Workers Comp Medicare Set Asides Town Hall Today If you handle any type of liability claim including Workers Compensation, you may want to call in today at 1 PM on Medicare Set Asides. The info is here to join in on the CMS Set Aside Town Hall. The call-in is

Premium Recovery For Fully Paid Policy Resolved By Premium Audit

Fully Paid Policy – Premium Recovery May Not Be Fruitful Workers Compensation premium recovery can be very complicated on a prepaid policy. Over the weekend, I received this question – Our company canceled our policy in February. We had six months left before the policy ended. We have not heard from

Statutory Employment Rears Its Ugly Head In Two States – Part I

Statutory Employment Shocker – Part I Statutory Employment rears its ugly head in two states this week.  Statutory employees were really one of those under the radar subjects in Workers Compensation. South Carolina deemed a contractor as a statutory employee a few years ago. The subject seemed to not come up

Workers Comp Cancellation Notice – Why Did We Receive It?

Employer Received Cancellation Notice Cancelling Workers Comp Policy A Cancellation notice cancelling  a workers comp policy by a Workers Comp carrier can be a frightening experience for a business owner, Risk Manager, CFO, HR manager, or whoever internally handles the Workers Compensation claims for an employer.    We received this question earlier

Five Days Notice May Be Yellow Flag For Premium Audits

Five Days Notice Until Proposed Premium Audit Date Less than five days notice cannot be enough time for a employer to prepare for a premium audit. This is a concern that we are hearing from quite a few clients, blog readers, and fellow conference attendees. Recently, premium audit notices are

California’s WCIRB Has New Policy Ombudsman in Place

New Policy Ombudsman – Addie Wong The new policy ombudsman for CA’s WCIRB is Addie Wong.   She was recently named the new ombudsman for the California Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Board (WCIRB). I thought I would add in her introduction letter and the functions of the Ombudsman position. Introduction

Workers Comp Narcotics – When Does 1% Equal 40% ?

Shocking Statistics on Workers Comp Narcotics The NCCI just released a study today on Narcotics in Workers Comp. The buzz on narcotics/opioids almost rivals fraud. I decided to read the study closely to see if there were any astounding facts. The one statistic that stood out was that 40% of

Workers Comp Medical Fee Schedules – Are They Worth It?

Medical Fee Schedules For Workers Comp Workers Comp medical fee schedules are they worth it for the state without one to act for their constituent employers? Missouri, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa and Virginia all have two things in common that only these six states share. I had written about



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