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July 2018

Workers Comp Paper Files In Age of Small Screen

Reading Workers Comp Paper Files – Too Old School or The Best Way To Handle Them? Most discussions on workers comp paper files have an element of “Ewww – those are disgusting” somewhere in the conversation. We are in the age of the small screen (smartphone) or at least a

Subrogation Letter Is Just First Step in Recovering Workers Comp Funds

The Subrogation Letter Should Not Be Solely Relied Upon To Recover Workers Comp Payouts A quick subrogation letter remains one of the stalwarts in recovering workers compensation funds back to a file whenever there is a responsible 3rd party involved in a Workers Comp accident. The best example is an

Workers Comp Emails – How To Handle Inbound Messages

Workers Comp Emails – Handling Them On The Way In Saves Time And Aggravation Handling Workers Comp emails can be a complicated, frustrating job function.  In fact, I have received quite a few questions over the years about handling Workers Compensation postal mail and emails. Tackling the rerouting of Work

Captive Tax Advantages Recently Take Huge Hit In US Tax Court

Captive Tax Advantages – Tax Court Ruling –  One To Read NOW Some Captive tax advantages may have been eroded with a recent US Tax Court decision.  The case is   Reserve Mech. Corp. v. Commissioner, 2018 Tax Ct. Memo LEXIS 87. The three articles that started quite a buzz in the

Workers Compensation Large Deductible Policies Worth It?

Workers Compensation Large Deductible Policies – Are They A Bargain? Are Workers Compensation large deductible policies worth a look for cutting costs?   One great way to start is by going over the definition of these hybrid-types of policies.    The idea to write this article was generated from quite a



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