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June 2020

Workers Comp COVID-19 Presumption Was Already In Place

Workers Comp COVID-19 Presumption – There’s An Occupational Disease Statute For That – J&L State after state enacted their Workers Comp COVID-19 presumption orders to make sure the frontline workers in the Coronavirus pandemic were covered if they contracted the disease.   The states then began to expand which workers were

How To Ruin A Workers Comp Claim in Five Seconds, Claim Number?

Asking For Claim Numbers Can Wreck Any Workers Comp Relationship – J&L  Yesterday, I was trying to locate a claim for a long-term client.  I was following the subrogation status on a claim for them.   I was told that I had left out one number in a 22-character claim number. 

Are The Recent Class Code Changes Saving My Company Premium?

The Recent Class Code Changes – A Further Look – J&L The recent class code changes buzzed in the workers’ comp news for well over a month.   Why am I writing another article on this subject?  The class code changes convert into amounts of premium dollars > your company’s budget.

California Workers Comp Telecommuting Class Code 8871 Added

 Telecommuting Class Code 8871 Added To California WCIRB Class Codes California’s Workers Comp rating bureau (WCIRB) added in Telecommuting Class Code 8871 after a regulatory meeting this week. If your company is domiciled in California or you have California-based employees,  you will need to separate these employees from furloughed employees

How Do We Account for Coronavirus Furloughed Employees – NCCI

Account for Coronavirus Furloughed Employees – NCCI Adds Basic Manual Rules The Question – How do we account for Coronavirus Furloughed Employees has become the most popular question that we now receive from blog and newsletter readers. This is not a replacement for Class Code 8871 – Telecommuting Clerical Employees. 



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