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September 2012

Will The Upcoming Elections Have Any Effect on Workers Comp?

Upcoming Elections – Effect On WC Will the Upcoming Elections have any effects on Workers Comp?   This is now the most popular question that I receive from our readers.  This question pops up often when there is a Presidential election.     The answer is yes and no.  I

Split Point Question Concerning E-Mods and NCCI Changes

E-Mods Concern – NCCI Split Point Many of the split point changes by NCCI are starting to hit the radar screens.  I received this question last week from one of our blog readers on split points.   “We have a .98 E-Mod.  Our E-Mod has always been between .90 and

Large Loss Caps – How Do They Affect E-Mods (X-Mods)?

The Large Loss Caps Effect On Premiums Capping the large losses incurred by an employer is one way for a State Rating Bureau or NCCI to help control  Workers Comp costs.  Large loss caps function as a stop gap measure to keep one claim from completely harming an employer’s EMod

Possible 75% Savings on Workers Comp Premium From My Studies

Possible 75% Savings – Study Results Below It’s possible to experience a 75% Savings according to the results of my WC studies. Yesterday, I blogged on predictive modeling in Workers Compensation.  I had mentioned there were two studies that I performed in the recent past on a group of 7,000

Predictive Modeling For Workers Compensation – Data On Horizon?

Workers Comp Predictive Modeling – Big Data Is The Key The Workers Comp predictive modeling prognosticators say that predicting workers comp data is on the horizon.  I was just reading over Mark Wall’s Work Comp Analysis Group in LinkedIn. If you are in Workers Comp and you do not follow

Ghost Policies – Five Minutes Of Work Will Let You Know

Five Minutes Of Work Can Spot Ghost Policies Ghost policies for Workers Comp coverage have been in existence for quite some time. I have seen so many of them over the years in the construction industry. There is a very easy way to check to see if the policy is

Workers Comp Audit Subcontractor vs Employee IRS Updated Guidelines

IRS Updated Guidelines – Workers Comp Audit The subcontractor vs employee IRS updated guidelines for Workers Comp audits. Premium auditors seem to be listing all contractors as employees lately even if provided with a certificate of insurance. Differentiating between employees and subcontractors can be confusing for many employers. There is a

NC Mid State Safety Conference Announcement – Presenting

NC Mid State Safety Conference Announcement I am speaking at the NC Mid State Safety conference on the NCCI split points and how they will affect your Workers Comp. This info will also apply to self insureds. This is an all-day conference with great BBQ. I am the Treasurer of

Premium Audit Dispute – DIY- Goes Horribly Wrong

Premium Audit Dispute – DIY A Premium Audit Dispute can go awry if a company is not careful. Last week, I received an email with an audit dispute letter and an additional premium bill from a company in West Virginia. We usually receive one or two of these a month.

Workers Comp Statistics – Are They Believable and Trustworthy?

Workers Comp Statistics Come With Many Caveats The Workers Comp statistics production is one area that I have noted a sharp increase in over the last few months. There are so many statistics out there that make no sense; have (very important) an underlying unreported statistic, or relate the obvious

North Carolina Industrial Commission Rule Changes

North Carolina Industrial Commission Rule Changes The North Carolina Industrial Commission is performing a major “tweaking” to the current rules. The Commission had a public hearing on the new rules. This is a transcript of the public hearing. The August 6th public hearing transcript may take a few minutes to

New Jersey May Not Be Correct On TPA Fees – NJ Comptroller

TPA Fees May Not Be Correct in New Jersey The TPA Fees are not correct in New Jersey.    New Jersey’s Comptroller issued a statement last week that Third Party Administrators (TPA’s) for Workers Comp claims may be receiving side payments between the TPA’s and the managed care or bill

Split Point Reserve Changes by NCCI – Five Ways To Prepare

Five Ways To Prepare – Upcoming Split Point Reserve Changes by NCCI NCCI has already enacted the Split Point Reserve changes. In my opinion, the first year will have the most impact as the Primary Portion of the loss will double from 5,000 to 10,000. This will have a big

Workers Comp Coverage North Carolina Agencies Tracking ERs?

Tracking Employers Without Workers Comp Coverage In North Carolina Without Workers Comp coverage whose job is it to track employers? For clarification: NCRB – North Carolina Rate Bureau NCDOL – North Carolina Department of Labor NCIC – North Carolina Industrial Commission NCCI – National Council on Compensation Insurance – not

North Carolina and Misclassification Confusion With New Task Force

NC Misclassification Confusion The misclassification confusion still exists in North Carolina. Recently, North Carolina’s Governor Perdue had drawn together a task force to lessen the number of Workers Comp scofflaws that exist in North Carolina. Earlier this year, 30,000 North Carolina employers did not have proper coverage for their workers.



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