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August 2017

Accident Curve And Natural Disasters – Spike in Workers Comp Claims

Accident Curve And Natural Disasters The accident curve measures the accident rate lessening per unit of  work time.   The concept has been debated over time.   A search far and wide located a 1916 text that actually addressed this issue very well.  Please see the last two sets of

Workers Comp Writers Block – Writing Into Funnel

Workers Comp Writers Block Not A Fun Time Having Workers Comp writers block for the first time in 11 years ended with this article.   The last three weeks contained the longest workers comp writers block for me. The comment on writing into a funnel means that if I covered a

Workers Comp Statistic Combined Ratio Best In 50 Years – NCCI

NCCI Workers Comp Statistic Combined Ratio Smoking One workers comp statistic stood out the August 3rd NCCI Virginia State Advisory Forum.  Actually, it exceeded even my positive outlook for the Workers Compensation market health. The Combined Ratio performed even better than last year in the overall market.    Last year

Insurance Industry Employment Alarming Numbers – Shocker

Insurance Industry Employment Figures  Should Be A Wake Up Call These insurance industry employment trends should sound off a few alarms.  Recently, I was reading the July issue of AM Best’s Monthly Magazine. The July Issue covers the Millennial paradox among other concerns.   One of the article covers a



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