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February 2015

Are Micro Captives For Workers Comp New Frontier?

 Micro Captives For Workers Comp – Viable Alternative Micro captives to cover Workers Comp losses is an interesting yet caveat-generating twist on an old subject. Captives for Workers Comp is one of the most “what was simple is now complex” areas in insurance.   However, and that is a big,

Workers Comp Audit – Five Great General Questions From Readers

Workers Comp Audit Question Blog Readers Ask Workers Comp audit questions are emailed or called in to us quite often.  I was unable to cover all the questions over the last few months.   A few of the questions are listed below with answers.   There are links to other

Exclusive Remedy Affirmed by North Carolina Appeals Court

Exclusive Remedy – North Carolina Affirms The North Carolina Court of Appeals has ruled the doctrine of exclusive remedy is still intact.  The legal environment of today has begun to erode exclusive remedy. Workers Compensation was originally structured to be the only remedy for injuries suffered on the job.  

Online Doctor Visits – Workers Comp Community Acceptance?

Will Workers Comp Turn To Online Doctor Visits? Online doctor visits are now readily available and inexpensive.   I came across the DoctorsOnDemand website last night.   Some of the notations that peaked my interest from their website were: Free visit- everyone likes free stuff All board-certified physicians Android/Iphone Apps

Six Ways To Excel In Comp Arena Without A College Degree

Six Ways To Excel In the Comp Arena With No College Degree The Comp arena has more than six ways to excel without a college degree.   Below is a list of the Top Six, in my humble opinion. Is there a way to excel in the WC industry without a

NCCI Provides Plethora of Free Info When You Visit Their Website

NCCI Provides A Large Amount of Info Freebies The NCCI provides a plethora of free information. One of the great improvements with NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance) is the addition of many great tutorials on Workers Compensation. Many of those tutorials have one or multiple videos to aid in

BidRx As Model For Injured Employee Driven Networks

BidRx As A Model For Injured Employee Choice One of the most economical websites today is BidRx.  I found it while reading a publication by Clark Howard.  The website was given a thumbs up by the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services.  (CMS) One has to have a sponsor when they sign

Hybrid Premium Audits Still Allowed For Larger Employers

Mail-In and Hybrid Premium Audits Possible With Technology Hybrid Premium audits are becoming more popular every year due to technological advancements.  Securely scanning and emailing documents lessened the need for in-person audits by the workers’ comp premium auditor. The two terms that seemed to raise the most questions were mail-in

59 Modifier Medical Bill Controversy Causes CMS To React

59 Modifier Medical Bill Confounds CMS The 59 Modifier Medical Bill Controversy.A friend of mine forwarded a note on how medical bills could have be over-inflated by the use of what is known as a 59 modifier.  Her company does not use that modifier. According to Optum – a medical

Are Telephonic Payroll Audits Legitimate- Reader Question

Telephonic Payroll Audits Legitimate For Smaller Employers Payroll audits, also known as premium audits can take many forms.  Telephonic payroll audits have gained in popularity for smaller employers.  There are different audit types such as: Telephonic- yes they are legitimate but read on for more info Hybrid Physical Mail-in (Voluntary)

Cutcompcosts Is Now Fully Mobile Compliant – Update

Cutcompcosts Is Now Fully Mobile Compliant Over two weeks ago, Google informed us (Cutcompcosts)  that we are not mobile-compliant.   As I have a heavy IT background, that seemed to be highly unacceptable. —We are having a few mobile rendering problems, which is to be expected with a new software



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