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June 2014

How Long Would Workers Compensation Survive Like This???

Could Workers Compensation Survive With High Overpayments? Today, I was wondering how long would Workers Compensation survive when examining the following situation. The process of Workers Compensation is going to always involve claim over-payments. Any time that I hear “We have X, Y & Z process in place to not overpay

Cutting Workers Comp Costs Adds 6th Key – Adoption By Management

Cutting Workers Comp Costs Has New Key Added For Clarity The subject of cutting workers comp costs added an obvious 6th addition to the list.  In 1989, I originally wrote and presented on what I thought were the Three Keys to Workers Compensation Savings.   I wrote the three from

WCRI Proves One of My Five Keys To Workers Comp Savings

Workers Comp Savings – WCRI Proves 4th Key I wrote the Five Keys to Workers Comp Savings many years ago.  When a great research company agrees with a long-held point, that is always a great sign.   The Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) recently published another great study.   The study

Top 10 Challenges for WC – Expanded Part 2

Top 10 Challenges for WC – The Next Five Top 10 Challenges –  part 2 of 2 6.    24 hour coverage – WC and health melding 7.    No young workers in WC, Risk Management, or Safety Industries 8.    Deflation of the dollar as a currency 9.    WC

Top 10 Challenge Areas – Expanded Part I

Top 10 Challenge Areas – The First Five The article on the Top 10 Challenges for Workers Compensation received a large amount of inter-buzz. Two readers suggested an expansion (better explanation) of my list.   I will split the Top 10 into two articles. The first five of  My Top

Challenge For Workers Compensation Top 10 Areas 2014

Areas of Challenge For Workers Compensation System = Future A very great list of the Top 10 Upcoming Challenge For Workers Compensation was published recently by the Insurance Journal,  Check it out here.  The Top 10 list was (with a quick explanation). BTW, I agree with them wholeheartedly: Wage and

Top 5 Popular Posts Written For This Blog Over Past Seven Years

Top 5 Popular Posts Written Last 7 years With Links  The top 5 popular posts by click traffic are listed below with the date the article was written. This blog is now seven years old.    I have been attempting to gather the most popular and relevant topics for a future

Top 25 Dangerous Jobs – Highest Injury Rates 2011 and 2012

Top 25 Dangerous Jobs Using BLS Statistics The Top 25 Dangerous Jobs list contained a few surprises.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes many great employment statistics.  When I was searching for the injury rates of the teacher from yesterday’s article, I came across the injury rate rankings of the most dangerous

Student Teacher Violence Stunning Increase May Affect Workers Comp

Stunning Student Teacher Violence Report The stunning student teacher violence increases may affect Workers Comp in the future.  The National Center for Education Statistics recently published a study – Indicators of School Crime and Safety – 2013.   One of the more shocking statistics pulled from the study was student-on-teacher

New Mexico Supreme Court – Bad Decision on Temporary Total Disability

New Mexico Supreme Court Turns TTD into PTD The New Mexico Supreme Court recently ruled that Temporary Total (TTD) can be a permanent disability.  These types of decisions are often not underwritten by the Workers Compensation carrier. As discussed earlier in this blog, the WC insurance process is a delayed system.  The

Canceling Your Policy Right After Renewal Or Premium Audit Costly

Canceling Your Policy Right After Renewal Bad Choice Will canceling your policy post-renewal due to a premium audit cost your company $$$? We receive this question at least once per week.   This is an almost verbatim question from two weeks ago with editing for length. Question – “We just

Certificates of Insurance With Wrong Info Can Ruin Your Business

Certificates of Insurance Are Critical Documents Certificates of insurance known in the Workers Compensation community as “certs” can wreck your business’s budget and possibly Mod (E-Mod or X-Mod) if not handled properly.   This is a follow-up article to yesterday’s Employee Misclassification conundrum. We receive calls and emails frequently from

Employee Misclassification – Back In News

Employee Misclassification Means Contractor or Sub The employee misclassification news was back in. Classification Codes such as 8810 (Clerical/Administrative) are the number one question we receive calls and emails about every month.  Employers want to make sure they are not being overcharged for improper classification. Most of the news articles



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