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July 2012

Employee Had Accident In State With No Coverage

Conundrum – Accident In State With No Coverage An employee has an Accident In State with no coverage under the workers comp policy (uh-oh).  Yesterday, we had a case of an employer in a non-coverage conundrum due to an employee being injured out-of-state. Would the AZ Workers Comp carrier pay

Walsh Test Coverage For Employees Working In Multiple States

Employees Working In Multiple States May Need Multiple State Coverage Employees that are working in multiple states need to have coverage for more than just one state.  Even though the Walsh Test can identify what state has jurisdiction, each state can have peculiarities to their laws.    For instance, in

Self Insured Pools – Are They Really Worth It?

Self Insured Pools Are Really Worth It ? Self Insured pools for Workers Compensation can be a great risk management technique. An employer that is not large enough to be self insured may find that pooling their premiums and risk with homogenous entities to be a great budget saving technique.

Modified Self Insurance – Caveat On Risk

The Modified Self Insurance Captives, large deductibles, and other types of workers comp modified self insurance are now gaining great importance due to the present economy. All companies are now searching for a way to insure for Workers Comp accidents at a reduced rate. One of J&L’s specialties is providing

LIBOR Scandal And Hard Markets

 Hard Markets And LIBOR Scandal I was reading a great article on the LIBOR scandal that will likely make Madoff and the Wall Street scandals seem small at best. One of the main concerns that I hear floating around in conferences and among clients is the soft vs. hard market for

Workers Compensation Audits For Public Employers Hits High Point

Audits For Public Employers Upcoming Premium audits for public employers are about to increase dramatically. Most public employers have a renewal date of July 1. Your auditor should be contacting you, if they have not already done so recently. The highest number of policies for private employers renew on January

North Carolina Industrial Commission To Hold Public Hearing

North Carolina Industrial Commission Holds Upcoming Public Hearing The North Carolina Industrial Commission will hold a public hearing on on all the upcoming recommended changes.  Workers Compensation rules changes are coming to North Carolina in a big way. If you follow the link in the last paragraph, you can see

Safety And Risk Management Departments – Are They Really Worth It?

Safety And Risk Management Departments – Worth The Expense? During workers comp premium and review audits, I have pleaded with companies to keep their risk management and safety departments as fully staffed as possible. Workers Compensation safety and risk management departments have been pared to the core during the great

FIO – Federal Insurance Office – Workers Comp Federalization

FIO – Federal Insurance Office – Shocker I read an article in a few of the major news outlets that somewhat shocked me. The shock was not too significant as I had predicted months ago that the Federal Insurance Office or FIO just being involved in international insurance matters was

Are California’s WCIRB XMods Changing Like NCCI’s EMod System?

California’s WCIRB XMods  Resemble NCCI E-Mods Now Are California’s WCIRB XMods changing to be more  like NCCI‘s EMod system ? Will X-mods from CA’s WCIRB have a split-point increase similar to the NCCI’s E-mods? I received this question in my email over the weekend. The changes to the EMod system

Workers Comp Savings With Two Hours Of Your Time

Workers Comp Savings in 120 Minutes – One For Company Piggy Bank A Workers Comp savings plan should not cost hours of your time.  One of the first premium reduction questions that we often receive in inquiries is how can we cut our Workers Comp costs and not spend days/hours/weeks

Workers Comp PPO Networks – Are They Worth It?

Workers Comp PPO Networks vs PPO Reduction Stacking Are the Worker Comp PPO Networks worth the trouble? Workers Comp medical treatment networks have become a very diverse network. It was too long ago that there were only physician and hospital networks serving the WC community. That time has long since

Workers Comp Reserving Is Art – Not Science

Workers Comp Reserving Is An Art Should Workers Comp reserving be compared to a Picasso?  One of the most difficult tasks that Workers Comp adjusters face (especially inexperienced ones) is setting the reserves on a file. A large number of people seem to think the reserves are just automatically calculated

Large Deductible Program X-Mod (EMod) Surprise For Employers

Employer With Large Deductible In For A Possible Surprise I received a phone call over the recent holiday from a previous client. The company had switched to a large deductible Workers Comp program a few years ago. I did not recommend the program. I had previously thought there were more

North Carolina’s Governor Perdue Signs HB 237 Amendments

North Carolina’s Governor Perdue Signs Important Inter-agency Disclosure Law North Carolina now has a measure on the books that will enable a heavier enforcement of the requirements to purchase Workers Comp insurance. Governor Perdue signed the bill into law with very little fanfare. The budget and fracking bills received much

Class Code 8810 – The Magical Mystery Code

Workers Comp Code 8810 aka Class Code 8810 Class Code 8810  also known as workers comp code 8810 is one of the most misunderstood classification codes in Workers Comp. We receive a very large number of emails and phone calls on this subject usually just after an employer’s yearly premium/payroll

Obamacare And Its Effect On Workers Compensation

Obamacare And Its Effect On WC The Obamacare And Its Effect on WC. Obamacare has hit the airwaves very heavily due to the SCOTUS’s decision last week. Can Obamacare’s influence even reach into the Workers Comp world? I stepped into the fray in 2009 by coining the term from the



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