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September 2017

North Carolina Industrial Commission Invalidates Basic Adjusting

North Carolina Industrial Commission Returns Form 24’s To Adjusters Is The North Carolina Industrial Commission taking the first step in making policy determination a legal matter in the Tarheel State? Recently, I came across a few articles on how filing a Form 24 seems to be similar to practicing law.

Workers Comp Article Publishing Top 10 Concerns

How To Start Your First Workers Comp Article Your first Workers Comp article may seem like such a laborious task.  After you write your first article, you will find the next is much easier and the third workers comp article flows to the screen almost like magic. The Top 10

Statistical Proportions – Quick And Dirty Number Powerhouse

Statistical Proportions – A Guide To the Quick and Dirty Estimator I use statistical proportions as a very fast way to make predictions when you have three numbers and need to calculate the fourth one.   My algebra teacher in Junior High School taught me how to apply them to



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