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November 2019

Workers Compensation Online Access Nets Insured $85,000 Subrogation

Workers Compensation Online Access – Subrogation Claim Discovered Having Workers’ Compensation online access creates $85,000 subrogation claims missed earlier by the insured.  How did this occur? I review claims for many companies as part of J&L’s services.   Recently, a new agency account asked me to review their claims and make

Workers Comp Statistical Significance Is Still Statistically Significant

Workers Comp Statistical Significance Better Known As The Benchmark Most discussions and articles concerning Workers Comp Statistical Significance center on the Experience Modification Factor and Loss Development Factors.   Benchmarks also come from tests for statistical significance. The article that generated this article can be found here.  I find it amazing

24 Hour Workers Comp and Health Insurance Policy – Rearview Mirror?

24 hour Workers Comp and Health Insurance Policy Fades Away In 2006, the buzzword (flavor) of the year pointed out that a 24 hour Workers Comp and Health Insurance policy answered the round-the-clock coverage concerns. The California Carpenters Union/Association initiated a carve-out program that looked attractive.  That concept quickly progressed



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