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May 2017

Workers Comp Attorney Involvement 400% Variation Between States

Workers Comp Attorney Involvement Varies Widely Between 18 States – WCRI The Workers Comp Attorney involvement rates vary wildly between the states that WCRI studied in a recently released report. This topic wowed the press and audience at the recent WCRI Annual Conference just this last March.   The press

Workers Comp Medical Networks Keeping Costs in Check NCCI

Workers Comp Medical Networks = Cost Saving According to NCCI’s Barry Lipton Workers Comp medical networks reduce costs in most instances.  At NCCI’s  2017 Annual Issues Symposium, Barry Lipton, Senior Actuary covered a very interesting topic – Medical Costs Then and Now <<slides available at this link. I do recommend

Workers Comp Medical Networks Reduce Costs – Or Do They Actually?

Workers Comp Medical Networks – Three Conflicting Studies Most Workers Comp networks generate large claim payment reductions according to two studies.  Another study indicates no savings from these same Workers Comp medical networks. One of my Six Keys To Saving On Workers Comp Costs involves medical control.   Since the

Workers Comp Policy Info Retention Recommendation

Workers Comp Policy Info Should Be Kept Very Handy The Workers Comp policy info referenced includes: Policies All policy amendments or endorsements Loss Runs – not just not most recent one Premium Audits  Rating Bureau Worksheets  The aforementioned list of information should be retained for at least five years if

Workers Comp Safety Innovator Now Thing Of Past – Correction

A Great Workers Comp Safety Source Closed Down After 60 Years Workers Comp safety peer reviewed research provider has been shut down.  Liberty Mutual Insurance Companies have stopped performing peer reviewed workers comp safety research this week. The Liberty Mutual workers comp safety facility partnered with outstanding organizations such as:

Workers Comp Claims Savings In 7 Words – Written 8 Years Ago

Workers Comp Claims Savings In 7 Words Reprisal – Still True Today The Workers Comp Claims Savings In 7 Words articles were very popular when I wrote them.    As with most things in the WC arena, the seven articles still ring true today.  The basics do not change. Please

Six Keys To Saving On Workers Comp – Let’s Cover Easiest One

The Six Keys To Saving On Workers Comp – Easiest One To Accomplish Today The Six Keys To Saving On Workers Comp started as the Four Keys.   Still – to this day, almost 30 years after I wrote the First Four – ASAP First Reports is the easiest Key

Top 25 Workers Comp Blog and AM Best Recommended Provider Awards

Picked As Top 25 Workers Comp Blog – J&L Risk Management Awarded Twice This Week J&L was awarded A Top 25 Workers Comp Blog and named as a recommended Provider by AM  Best this week.   Well, the AM Best award was actually in March and the Top 25 blog

California WCIRB First Aid Claim Requirements – Good and Bad

California WCIRB Issues Mandate on Filing First Aid Claims The California WCIRB is the workers compensation insurance rating bureau for specifically the Golden State.   The WCIRB produces notices of rule changes that will affect California employers. One that I wanted to call attention to (even though it was published

Work Comp Audit – Six Similarities To Home Closing

A Work Comp Audit vs. Closing On A Home A Work Comp audit may remind someone of their first or subsequent  home closings.    A list of the similarities follow: Both are stressful.   Steps that you can take prior to the audit are here.   Think organization from the start.

J&L Risk Management Consultants – Our 22nd Year – Thanks!!!

J&L Risk Management Consultants Begins 22nd Year of Service I started J&L Risk Management Consultants (originally called JLM Services) in 1995.  The old adage of “started on the kitchen table” applies to the 25 year plan created in one weekend with much hope and a large amount of coffee We



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