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July 2013

What Makes Great Workers Compensation Marketer?

Workers Compensation Marketer Characteristics A great Workers compensation marketer never seems hard to find unless the marketing is in-person.   Workers Compensation marketing has become what one may think is much easier with LinkedIn. Facebook, Google+ and the other social networks.  After all,  a marketer can cover many clients with

Claim Severity vs. Frequency Effect – One Claim Can Ruin Your Mod

Claim Severity – Where One Claim Can Ruin Your Mod The Claim Severity vs. Frequency Effect can result from one claim.  One severe claim cannot hurt your Mod as bad as a number of smaller claims.   This is one of the misnomers that exists today in Worker Compensation insurance

Insurance Office Ethics According To Dilbert Now State Requirement

Insurance Office Ethics And The Pointy Haired Boss Insurance Office ethics according to Dilbert can be lighthearted at times . Earlier this week, I wrote an article on Ethics.  I happened to come across these hilarious Dilbert(r) comic strips on ethics.   Is the one on the management fast track

PEOs Are Quickly Gaining Respect and Saving Certain Employers $$$

PEOs Are Quickly Gaining Ground and Respect Professional Employment Organizations (PEOs) have long been haphazardly discredited as voodoo Workers Comp insurance.   There were a few unscrupulous PEO companies that made the headlines each time there was a failure.  Actually, there were just as many insurance company failures when examined

Basic Phone Etiquette Non Workers Comp Rant On Marketing Calls

Basic Phone Etiquette Starts With Very First Words My Basic Phone Etiquette rant comes from a few calls I have received this week.  Today, I thought I would divert from Workers Comp and possibly rant on one area that is becoming very prevalent in running a business.   I do

Ethics In Workers Compensation Claims And Modified 80-20 Rule

Ethics In Workers Compensation Claims – Does It Exist? Ethics in the Workers Compensation claims arena has increased over the years.  Last week, I had the privilege of attending the 3rd Quarterly Meeting of NC PRIMA in Winston-Salem, NC.   If you are in the public risk sector in North

Negotiated Bill Review – Saves Big $$ With Right Provider

Negotiated Bill Review – Rarely Mentioned Risk Management Technique The Negotiated bill review is rarely mentioned even by providers of the service.   I often phone consult with investment companies examining the Workers Comp market to see if it is a viable area of insurance.  The usual inquiring questions are

Florida Physician Dispensaries Opt Out Of Opioids Due To Ban – WCRI

Physician Dispensaries Opt Out Of Opioids – A Good Sign Physician dispensaries Opt Out due to a strict ban in Florida    Florida has endured an epidemic of the improper use of opioids. They have been discussed to the nth degree in Workers Compensation.   One of the most prevalent

California’s Great Insurance Database Of Construction Contractors

California’s Great Insurance Database > CLSB Californians have a great insurance database for construction contractors.  The Contractors State License Board  (CSLB) maintains a great database to see if a contractor has liability insurance.   A homeowner can immediately see if the company working on their home has liability insurance. I have recommended

Payroll Audit vs. Workers Comp Policy Renewal Timing Conundrum

Payroll Audit vs. Workers Comp Policy Payroll audit vs Workers Comp policy renewal timing has been a controversial subject for many years.  We received this question last week from an employer with quite a conundrum that happens to almost all Workers Comp policyholders.  The question was: Why does the payroll

Inverse Relationship Between Mods and Class Codes

Inverse Relationship One of the areas where we so much confusion on E-Mods and X-Mods is their inverse relationship with Class Codes.  If an employer is not careful with their audit disputes the may end up paying substantially more than if everything was just left alone. The reasons are very



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