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September 2019

Workers’ Comp Program Fixes Come In Three Distinct Stages

Workers’ Comp Program Fixes – Three Areas To Consider Most Workers’ Comp program fixes originate in three areas.   Let’s cover those three in this article. Safety and Risk Management means not having to worry about the next two in this list The exact moment the accident occurs at your company

Workers’ Comp Recession Advice Even As Current Data Says Otherwise

Workers’ Comp Recession Advice – Just In Case Any Workers’ Comp recession advice may give the impression that one is just over the horizon.   The drone attacks on Saudi Arabian oil supplies generated a large amount of press over the last few days.  Oil price spikes usually do not cause,

Workers Comp Combined Ratio Means Market Extremely Healthy

Workers Comp Combined Ratio Questions Asked By Readers Over The Last Week Workers Comp Combined Ratio remained a hot topic from last year.   Last week, at the NCCI Virginia State Advisory Conference, the Workers Comp Combined Ratio stunned the audience, and even the NCCI presenters. Last year, the level was



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