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February 2019

WCRI Annual Conference 2019 – Live Blogging – If My Wrists Hold Out

First Day – Morning Conferences – WCRI Annual Conference 2019 – Live Blogging If I make mistakes in this live blogging of the WCRI Annual Conference 2019, please excuse, this is live and I do not really go back and change  anything Beginning of WCRI Annual Conference 2019 Presenters KEYNOTE:

Workers Comp Claim Analytics – Looking For Miracles Under Every Rock

Workers Comp Claim Analytics – Hot Subject Leaves Me Cold Most workers comp claim analytics posts I have written was in search of a good claim analytics package.   Unfortunately,  my search ended up like my search for workers comp apps – disappointed with still a hope for the future. Company

High Health Insurance Deductibles Cause Case Shifting – WCRI Study

Larger Health Insurance Deductibles Cause Employees To Use Workers Comp The health insurance deductibles have been raised over the past few years.  One reason could be the Obamacare Federal and State Insurance Exchange insurance carriers wish to negate the effect of having to insure all-comers with pre-existing conditions. A recent

Pennsylvania Employers – Workers Comp Premium Refunds Possible

Pennsylvania Employers – Left In Limbo On Workers Comp Premiums Pennsylvania employers likely experienced overcharges on recent workers comp policies and audits. A previous article was published on who is to blame when the rating bureaus make a mistake.  Pennsylvania recently experienced system-wide workers comp premium overcharges due to a

Workers Comp Premium Auditor Does Not Know My Final Bill Amount?

Workers Comp Premium Auditor Billing Question From LinkedIn Recently, one of our devout employer article readers posed a workers comp premium auditor question to me through LinkedIn.  By the way, my LinkedIn profile is located here.   You can follow me on LinkedIn for posts and newsletter updates. The LinkedIn reader

Workers Compensation Fraud In New Jersey – Video Says It All

Workers Compensation Fraud – New Jersey Man Caught on Video Workers Compensation fraud appears very rarely in the articles on this blog.  (Why?)   The subject remains one of the most overused and overwritten subjects since I first started in the business in the last part of the 1980s. The Workers

Medical Only Claims Adjusting – One Super Critical Task To Consider

Medical Only Claims Adjusting – Where Small Claims Can Turn To Crises Most Medical Only Claims Adjusting sections in a claims processing manual consist of a very few pages.  Lost time adjusting takes up the majority of a TPA or insurance carrier claims manual. The Medical Only claims adjusting section

PEO Data Session – NCCI Data Conference Earlier This Month

PEO Data Session – Great Info from NCCI Data Conference The PEO Data class from the NCCI Data Conference provided a treasure trove of great info nuggets.   The Data Reporting Conference remains of the best sources of great info on workers compensation.   Check it out here.  The session of PEO



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