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January 2008

Captives Tax Deductions Getting Closer Look From IRS This Month

News Is On Captives and The IRS I was a little slow to understand how captives worked when they first were written a few years ago. I do not want this post to sound like “I told you so.” Check the prior posts on captives. Has the day of atonement

Claim Auditing and Adjusting Tips – Claims Q&A With Claims Coach

Claims Q&A With Kevin Quinley – Claim Auditing Discoveries We were caught up in a huge Workers Comp consulting project and I have neglected the blog page. OK, so here is the next installment of Claims Q&A with Kevin Quinley on claim auditing discoveries. Claim Auditing Questions . . .

Work Comp Claims Productivity Q&A Kevin Quinley

Work Comp Claims Productivity Q&A With Kevin Quinley Work comp claims productivity advice chttps://cutcompcosts.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1607&action=edit&classic-editor#omes from so very few sources nowadays.  OK, so I have been out of action on the blog for the holidays. Business has picked up tremendously, so the Workers Compensation blog has been suffering. I will not

Insurance Designations – Complete List with Updates

List Of Insurance Designations Gives Many Alternatives I sometimes hear comments that there are no insurance designations for a certain area of insurance that would help someone with job advancement. The following list of t insurance designations should remove any doubts as to that fact. In my next post, I

Workers Comp Claims Review Expert – How Do You Find Proper One?

Workers Comp Claims Review Experts Can Be Hard To Find Choosing a great Workers Comp claims review expert is some of the best strategically invested money in a company’s budget. The main things to look for in your search are: Designations – such as AIC, ARM, CPCU, etc. Our next



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