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May 2015

NCCI – Post-Accident Safety Errors Cost Companies $$$

NCCI – Post-Accident Safety Post-accident safety glitches can be very expensive for employers.  Post-accident safety can be thought of as risk management protocols in the next few hours after a Workers Comp accident occurs in the workplace. The terms Loss Reduction or Loss Control are interchangeable with post-accident safety.  

Work Comp Safety Week – DBM’s Continued

Work Comp Safety Week Our Work Comp Safety Week begins with DBM’s from our new safety consultant Glen DuLac.   We began the discussion on DBM’s last week. DBM’s  (Dominant Buying Motivators) can be applied to the HR function in most companies. ______________ Based on my experience, the DBM of knowledge

South Carolina Opt Out May Become Reality

South Carolina Opt Out Coming Soon (Maybe) The South Carolina Opt Out decision may be a reality soon.   The South Carolina State House introduced a bill that may actually allow South Carolina companies to Opt Out of Workers Compensation.    South Carolina would join Texas, Oklahoma, and possibly Tennessee

Work Comp Combined Ratio Under 100 – First Time In Eight Years

Work Comp Combined Ratio Under 100 The subject of Work Comp Combined Ratio seems to be appearing more in the insurance press lately.   I was unable to attend the NCCI Annual Issues Symposium.  However, I did make it to their data conference in March of this year. One of the better

Work Comp Audit Bill – We Cannot Pay It Immediately

We Are Unable to Pay Work Comp Audit Bill – Help Companies that cannot afford their Work Comp audit bill is one of the main reasons that we are contacted overall.   The work comp audit bill is usually mailed to the employer within a few days after receiving the

Oklahoma Opt Out Option – Two For Two In Court

Oklahoma Opt Out Option Wins Two Legal Battles The Oklahoma opt out option scored another large victory with the refusal of the state’s Supreme Court to review a recent decision rendered by the Appeals Court.   I track Oklahoma’s WC news closely as that is where I grew up and

California Workers Comp System – What Happened To The Reform(s)?

California Workers Comp System Reforms Fizzled? The California Workers Comp System was supposed to reduce costs after SB 863 was enacted in  2013. SB 899 was the previous cost-saving measure that seemed to hold California’s Workers Comp costs which seemed to work for five to seven years. Check out this



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