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April 2022

ChFC Designation Questions I Have Received Over The Years Answered

Why Did I Choose To Attain The Chartered Financial Consultant ChFC Designation? The ChFC designation is not one that you will find as part of the Institutes'(c) list of designations it provides for the insurance industry.   In the old days of trading business cards, I was asked more often than

Converting from Self-Insurance To The Voluntary Market Due To Pandemic

Converting From Self-Insurance To The Voluntary Market – 10 Item Checklist The subject of converting from self-insurance to voluntary market policies has been brought up quite a few times due to the loss of employees by some larger companies.  Some Workers Comp self-insureds shrank during the pandemic due to overall

2022 NCCI AIS May 9th – May 11th – See You There! (Updated Today)

2022 NCCI AIS (Annual Issues Symposium) – Going? Update On the 2022 NCCI AIS I published this article last weekend.   I then found out today that the 2022 NCCI AIS is sold out.  NCCI will likely publish quite a bit of the conference online due to coronavirus concerns.   You can

What Does The LCF Designation Mean In My Workers Comp Policy?

LCF Designation Question – Workers Comp Policy We have received this question in the last month from two risk management consultants.  What does the LCF designation stand for in our Workers’ Comp policies?  The question pops up now and then when talking with larger companies. One definition covers Retrospective Rating

Per Diems – Vexing Part of Average Weekly Wage – One Easy Fix

The Vexing Part of Workers Comp -Average Weekly Wages – Per Diems – Easy Fix I was reading an article written by John Kamin, Attorney on his blog concerning per diems.  Even though the article and case were on California claims, two of the article’s conclusions rang very true –

Workers Comp Wages – How Much Is A Rhode Island Red Worth?

My Strangest Workers Comp Wages Incident – Pricing Chickens Being able to write a story that covers workers comp premium audit and claims adjusting has the making of a rare event. Workers comp premium auditors call it remuneration while a workers comp adjuster calls the term wages.  Workers Comp Wages



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