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August 2022

2021 Workers Comp Benchmarking Study – Rising Medical Solutions

2021 Workers Comp Benchmarking Study – Hot Off The Presses One of my favorite Workers Comp people in the workers comp industry forwarded me a link to download a copy of the 2021 Workers Comp Benchmarking Study. Rachel Fikes of Rising Medical has been the study administrator since its inception. 

Workers Comp Fraud – Reasons I Skip The Subject

Workers Comp Fraud – Why I Skip The Subject (Usually) I am sometimes asked during presentations, at conferences, or just in general conversations why I rarely cover Workers Comp fraud in the 2,000 articles on this website.  I have covered fraud in a few instances over the last 15 years. 

Workers Comp Pandemic Data – Why Only Through March 2021?

#1 Question We Receive Now – Where Is Workers Comp Pandemic Data? Every few months, I try to stop and compile similarities in questions that we receive – (often now in person) for articles and to hone our Workers Comp advice.  Workers Comp does not really ever change that much. 

Psychosocial Factors Show Rehab Nurses = Great Risk Mgmt

WCRI’s Newest Study on Psychosocial Factors – My Take On Claims Management WCRI (Workers Compensation Research Institute) recently released the results of their newest study on how psychosocial factors have a direct correlation to the outcome of Workers Comp claims.  They interviewed stakeholders in the Workers Comp claim process.  I

NYCIRB – Big Changes New York Compensation Insurance Ratings

NYCIRB – Memo From The President/CEO Outlines Big Changes For New York Earlier this week, I received in my Outlook inbox an email that supposedly came from the President and CEO of the NYCIRB.  I thought it was a spam email trying to get my attention. I was incorrect.  I

Most Reclassified Class Codes – NCCI Report Covers 2021 Top 10

2021 Most Reclassified Class Codes – NCCI Releases New Report One of the reports that I watch for each year from NCCI is the most reclassified class codes from the prior year(s).   Check out this article on  NCCI’s Reclassified Class Codes for 2020. Some readers may find this article boring

Workers Comp Treasury Bill Rate Link – Huge Foreign Investments

Workers Comp Treasury Bill Relationship Continues The Workers Comp Treasury Bill link remains strong even with higher inflation.   Let us look at why Workers Comp and other lines of insurance depend heavily on US Treasury Bills and foreign investment. One surprise that the data always shows is that a certain

Great Workers Comp Research Source – Watch One Minute Videos

NCCI – Minute Video – Workers Comp Research in One Minute – No Reading One of those “nooks and crannies” areas of the Workers Comp web comes from NCCI.  The One-Minute Learning Center provides Workers Comp Research for very busy people.   I have referred many employers, attorneys, and insurance personnel



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