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October 2012

First Reports Of Injury – File Them Online Now Or Pay 400% Later

First Reports Of Injury Should Be Filed ASAP – No Excuses Workers Compensation First Reports of Injury (FROI) are an employer’s first step in Loss Control.  Loss Control is not the same as Loss Prevention.  Loss Control to me is defined as the prevention of future losses AFTER an occurrence of a

Workers Comp Coverage Info Did North Carolina Make Public (Again)?

North Carolina Workers Comp Coverage Still Private The North Carolina Legislature decided just a few months to ban all public disclosure of Workers Comp coverage info records.  At that time, it really did not make sense to me when I can pull up Workers Comp policy information in so many

Do The Great Premium Deals Really Save Money?

The Great Premium Deals May Not Be Deals After All Do the great workers comp premium  deals really save money? With prices rising (at least for the short-term) in California and other states, the “we can save you a ton of dough on premiums” vendors  are now appearing again on

California Loss Cost Multipliers Say No To Reform Measures

California Loss Cost Multipliers Do Not Reflect Any Reform Measures The California Loss Cost Multipliers has said no to reforms. Loss Cost Multipliers (LCM’s) are one of the concepts in Workers Comp that I have been covering for many years.  LCM’s are the carriers’ own assessments of risk in the marketplace.

Loss Cost Multipliers Affect Premium Audits Indirectly

The Loss Cost Multipliers Have An Indirect Effect I recently posted on Loss Cost Multipliers that affect your premium audit.  I have received so many inquiries to my last post on the subject that I thought I would cover the subject again.  This is an emailed question I received last

Workers Comp Loss Runs – Ten Quick Ways To Analyze

Ten Quick Ways – Review Workers Comp Loss Runs Your workers comp loss runs are a very important step in reducing your company’s premiums or insurance budget,  NCCI, WCIRB or any rating bureau uses the info that is provided to your company by your insurance carrier.  Actuaries will use the

Workers Comp Claims Explosion If Economy Rebounds Quickly

The Workers Comp Claims Explosion Due To Learning Curve Will a workers comp claims explosion occur in the next few years?  The economy is going to eventually recover from its recent lows.  If there is a very quick rebound, insurance carriers, TPA’s, employers, and any type of insurance personnel must be

Auditing Workers Comp EMods or XMods – Worth Your Time?

Auditing Workers Comp EMods or XMods – Tricky Stuff By Auditing Workers Comp EMods or XMods, you may find premium savings or you could blow up your program.  Workers Comp E-Mods (X-Mods in CA) can save your company a large amount of premiums if kept in check. Is trying to

Safety Programs – EMods or XMods Take Time To Decrease

EMods or XMods – Safety Programs Have A Cumulative Effect The EMods or XMods safety programs take time to decrease your premiums.  E-Mods also known as X-Mods in California are basically the same as a credit score for an individual.  The main difference is you can fix your personal credit score in

Who Is The WCIRB And What Do They Regulate?

Who Is The WCIRB ? What do they regulate and who is the WCIRB ? I received this question on the WCIRB last night from a California employer that had grown large enough to receive an X-Mod.  Congratulations on your company’s growth in a tough economy.  Sometimes, it is best

Safety and EMods – Highlights From My Presentation From Today

Presentation Highlights – Safety and EMods Are Very Related How Safety and EMods intermingle was the basis for most of the highlights from my presentation. The NC Mid State Safety Council was kind enough to ask me to do a presentation on how safety programs impact an employer’s bottom line from

Split Points – Largest Workers Comp Concern Presently

Largest Workers Comp Concern Today Seen As Split Points The Split Points became the Largest Workers Comp concern presently.   I am presenting at the North Carolina Mid State Safety Council conference tomorrow.  A few weeks ago I was contemplating what would be the largest concern for safety, human resource,

Is Your Carrier or TPA Charging You For Their Mistakes?

Carrier or TPA Overcharging You? Your Carrier or TPA could be charging you for their mistakes.  Some state jurisdictions issue fines and penalties if state forms are not filed timely, if lost time benefits are not issued timely, or for frivolous litigation, etc.  This is a more common occurrence than in the

California SB 863 Webinar – Thumbs Up To Presenters

Thumbs Up – California SB 863 Webinar According to sponsors, the SB 863 Webinar turnout was massive.  That is to be expected with such a confusing subject.  The reforms were extensive.  They presenters had to cover a large amount of info in 75 minutes. The three sponsoring organization were: ·         WCAN

Indiana Rate Increase = Sharp Increase In Medical Costs

Medical Cost – Indiana Rate Increase of 5% The Indiana rate increase in medical cost should come as no surprise. Yesterday, I posted on the increase in Indiana’s advisory rates of 5%.  I had actually written the article under the impression that the lack of a fee schedule was to

5% Rate Increase Approved by Indiana – Still No Fee Schedule Yet

5% Rate Increase Approved – Indiana – Needs Medical Fee Schedule Indiana just approved a 5% rate increase for Workers Comp advisory rates.    I thought enough time had passed that most of the remaining states without fee schedules would have followed suit to help their employers receive the benefit of an easy



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