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August 2008

Very Important Rule Change By NCCI

NCCI Important Rule Change A Very Important Rule Change by the NCCI – As I started to cover in the last post, late in 2003, the NCCI made a rule change that benefited Workers Comp insurance carriers greatly and ended up costing employers millions every year. The old rule was

One of NCCI Rules That Is Unfair To Employers Covers EMods

NCCI Rules On Calculating E-Mod One of the newer NCCI rules that applies to policy renewals and the way the E-Mod is calculated was a radical change. The change is the rule for how many times a Workers Comp policy can apply to an E-Mod went from three to an

Blog Reader Question-Do PPO’s Save Money in Workers Comp

Workers Comp PPO’s Save Money Did Workers Comp PPO’s save money? Do Workers Comp Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO’s) really save money? Do PPO’s diminish the level of care that our injured employees would receive vs. having no PPO? Workers Comp PPO’s have gone from a simple discount for certain providers to

180 Day Window For Workers Comp Reserve Review

180 Day Window – Workers Comp Reserve Timeline The 180 day window can save your Workers Compensation Program a large amount of $. What is the 180-Day Window? It is the time that you have to correct your company’s reserves after the close of the policy year. THIS IS VERY

Accidents Affect MOD 4 Years to 24 Months From Policies

Not All Workers Comp Accidents Affect MOD Immediately Did accidents affect MOD in my Workers Comp policy year? Is it true that what happened in my last Work Comp policy year will not affect the Experience Mod for my current policy year? I had a much better year with accidents

E-Mod Spike – Article Reader Question on What Is A Bad Increase?

Employer’s E-Mod Spiked Over Two Years Our E-Mod has increased quite significantly from .8 to 1.29 over two years’ time.  What could have caused this spike? Question – We are renewing our Workers Comp policy in October.  Our agent has said that if our E-Mod increases much more, certain insurance

Experience Modification Factor Mysterious Number

Experience Modification Factor Known By Many Names We have received quite a large number of questions regarding the Workers Comp Experience Modification Factor over the past few weeks. The Experience Modification Factor also goes by Experience Modification Rating, and Experience Modifier. The E-Mod has many acronyms such as: Ex-Mod (California)

Ohio Monopolistic Workers Comp System Having Problems

Ohio Monopolistic Workers Comp System May Be Up For A Few Changes Did Ohio Monopolistic BWC fail? I have posted on this one a few times in the past. As you can see from the last post, the people that suffer the most from wholesale and somewhat unfounded changes to

Ohio BWC Sued For Creating Privileged Employer Groups

Ohio BWC Created Illegal Preferred Risk Groups Ohio BWC insureds file a huge lawsuit.  Business owners will try to convince a judge that Ohio plays favorites with some companies by offering unfair discounts in money they must pay to the state’s fund for injured workers. Attorneys representing several businesses, including

Attorney Conflict of Interest – Article From Oklahoman

Attorney Conflict of Interest The Oklahoman Newspaper Reports An attorney conflict of interest case in Oklahoma was revealed by The Oklahoman newspaper.   On a recent visit to Oklahoma, I came across an article in The Oklahoman newspaper that was of great con cern to me. A group of reporters for

My X-MOD Calculation Sheets – How Can I Obtain Them?

California X-Mod Calculation Sheets A Question From One of Our Readers – In one of your old posts, you went through how Workers Comp E-Mods (Experience Modification Factors – also known as X-Mod Calculation sheets) are calculated. My company i s in California only. How do I go about obtaining



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