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May 2009

US Appeals Court Rules On Premium Dispute

US Appeals Court Sides With Employer On Premium Audit Dispute An employer disputed the premium audit properly was the US appeals court ruling from last week. I was reading an article earlier this week in The Workers Comp Forum concerning an employer in South Carolina that disputed their Workers Comp

How Would Company Dispute Workers Compensation Premium Statement

WC Premium Statement and Bill Did your company dispute your WC premium statement and bill?  If your company feels the insurance carrier has not billed you correctly – especially at the time of premium audit, then by all means do not wait to send in a premium dispute letter.  Your

Why Is The Total Incurred Value So Important For Premiums?

Total Incurred Value Most Important Number The total incurred value is one of the more confusing areas of Worker’s Compensation.  The terms are different on almost every insurance carrier’s loss runs. The term Total Incurred is the sum of the funds Spent added to the Reserves. In other words:  Total

Zenith Insurance’s Marketing Move In California Is Pure Genius

Zenith Insurance’s Marketing Move Was Unique The Zenith Insurance’s marketing program angle involved showing how little they increased their rates. A few California Workers Compensation Insurance carriers have filed lower rates than what is recommended by California’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB). No matter what the decision California Insurance

What are Workers Comp Standard Exception Codes?

Standard Exception Codes 8810 I posted on the most used Standard Exception Codes (8810) earlier this week, I thought it would be good to cover the subject again. I had posted on this subject back on October 16, 2008. That post is listed in the archived posts further down on

What Is The NCCI Class Code 8810?

NCCI Class Code 8810 This is the most popular question that we receive about the NCCI Classification Code system. Class Code 8810 is the Administrative/Clerical code that is used in all 50 states, including the monopolistic states. It is usually the least expensive code as employees that fall under the

Ladder Of Insurance – What Does It Mean To Subcontractors?

Ladder Of Insurance(c) Can Cause Havoc For Contractors The Ladder Of Insurance affects many subcontractors. Question from one of the blog readers – We use many subcontractors. Can our company be held responsible for Workers Compensation coverage if one of their employees is injured on the job? The Ladder of

Workers Comp Loss Run – How Often Should We Receive It?

Workers Comp Loss Run Question From Texas A Workers Comp Loss Run contains all the information on your claims. The title of this article is a question that I received a week ago. It is one of the top twenty questions that we receive on Workers Comp. I recommend at

Who Is Considered Statutory Employee Under Workers Compensation?

Statutory Employee – IRS Defines The Term Well Who is a statutory employee under Workers Comp? I recently received a question on our post regarding the South Carolina employee being ruled an employee. I rarely copy from another website, but this is very important and I do not want to

Subcontractor vs Employee vs Owner Operator vs Statutory Employee

Employee vs Subcontractor IRS Rules This subcontractor vs employee determination question has made a comeback in blogs and publications that I have read over the last few weeks.  It has to do with the classification of employees or non-employees for Workers Compensation while on the job. I had posted previously

California’s Complex Workers Comp Situation Deepens With Rate Increase

California’s Complex Workers Comp Situation Deepens California’s complex Workers Comp situation deepens with a recommendation by  the WCIRB.I had posted a few week ago regarding the 24%+ rate increase that was recommended by California’s WCIRB (Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau). There has been a large amount of discussion in the

West Virginia Workers Compensation After Monopoly

West Virginia Workers Compensation After The Monopoly The West Virginia Workers Compensation system has gone through many abrupt changes. I just returned from a business trip to  Mountain State.  The West Virginia Workers Compensation system was in turmoil for a few years.  West Virginia has just experienced the switch from

What is a PEO – Will They Save My Company Workers Comp Premiums?

PEO Saved My Company WC Premiums Do PEO s save companies Workers Comp premiums ? The definition of a PEO is:  A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is defined as an organization that provides an integrated and cost effective approach to the management and administration of the human resources and employer

Premium Auditors Comments From Field On Last Article

Workers Comp Audit – Premium Auditors The premium auditors emailed me a few times on their disbelief of my last article.  My last post discussed two employers being audited for a total of 23 years by their Workers Comp carrier.   I am not faulting any certain auditor, but more

Two Employers Are Having 23 Years of Workers Comp Premium Audits

Workers Comp Insurance Carrier – Two Employers = 23 years of premium audits Two employers are suffering through 23 years of Workers Comp premium audits. These are sad but true cases of where two Workers Comp Insurance carriers are trying to audit their clients a total of 23 years in



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