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March 2018

2018 WCRI Conference – Top 10 Things I Learned Over Two Days Time

Top 10 Bits of Information From The 2018 WCRI Conference The 2018 WCRI Conference was a smashing success – as every year.   The data given out was next to amazing – as every year.  I live blogged the 2018 WCRI Conference on this webpage.   Please excuse typos, etc. as I

WCRI 2018 Conference Boston MA – Blogging It Live

It is now time for the WCRI 2018 Conference live blogging. Please excuse any typos.   I am doing this live while the conference is proceeding.  If you want to check out any of the blogging live conferences I have done check here. Thursday WCRI 2018 Conference Schedule Dr. Erica Goshen

Opioid Study Shocker – Or Was It Really Surprise Conclusion

Opioid Study Shows No Improvement over Nsaids or Acetaminophen A recent opioid study – great article in the Los Angeles Times – indicated that after a yearlong study opioids showed no great improvement in lessening pain than over-the-counter painkillers. Another recent study indicated the same result.  I am unable to

General Liability Insurance Premium Audits Definition

General Liability Insurance Premium Audits Should Be Reviewed By Employers General liability insurance premium audits should be reviewed along with the workers compensation premium audits.    This type of audit usually occurs when the workers comp audits are being performed each year. Earlier this week, I wrote an article on



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