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November 2010

Who Is An Additional Insured ?

Additional Insured-Workers Comp Term One of the most common additional insured is a subcontractor. The subcontractor may not have the proper insurance. The main contractor

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Qualitative Claim Auditing

Term Of The Day – Qualitative Claim Auditing Qualitative Claim Auditing refers to a review of claim files to explore the level of claims handling

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Seasonal Risk

Term Of The Day – Seasonal Risk A seasonal risk for Workers Compensation is when the workers are hired to work only certain times of

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Agent of Record

Term Of The Day – Agent of Record An Agent of Record (AOR) is an individual/legal entity having a properly executed contract with an insurance

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Certificate of Insurance

Certificate of Insurance-Workers Comp Term A Certificate of Insurance is the document provided by the insurer with evidence that the employer has Workers Comp Insurance

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Risk Avoidance

Risk Avoidance-Workers Comp Term In Workers Comp the term risk avoidance refers to one of the most obvious way to reduce risk to the economy

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Adjudication Is Day In Court

Adjudication – Workers Comp Determination The Workers Comp term Adjudication is the process in which a judge examines the evidence, arguments and legal argument brought

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