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April 2017

Unique Workers Comp Coverage By Former Homebuilder

Jim Walter Homes’ Workers Comp Coverage Plan Workers comp coverage for a home builder that covers all employees including subcontractors can be an expensive option.   One of the best workers comp policies adjusted by me was the workers comp coverage by Jim Walter Homes. Jim Walter Homes ruled the

Risk Management Mistakes – Silent Top Five In Workers Comp

Silent Risk Management Mistakes Stay Under The Radar These five silent Risk Management mistakes in Workers Comp never show up on a graph, chart, or in a report.    After all the RIMS buzz this week, I decided to cover the mistakes I have seen in my 27 years in

Medical Only Claims – Ignore Them At Your Own Risk

Medical Only Claims – A Short List of Concerns Medical only claims turn out to be the worst Lost Time claims if not monitored properly.  How can a few $250 claims cause such havoc? The old saying concerning “Big things come in small packages” applies very well to this situation.  

US Workers Comp System Compared to Other Countries

US Workers Comp System – A World Leader? The US Workers Comp System has come under attack very often recently.   I agree that isolated cases do occur – not a trend.   What is the greatest way to find out what is going on internationally.   Flying overseas always  gives me a

Safety Program Evaluation Secret – Takes 5 Minutes Maximum

Internal Safety Program Evaluation From A Non-safety Professional My safety program evaluation starts with a very simple process.   This secret method has been used by myself and a few other non-safety professionals to examine a company’s safety program.   Please remember this is from a premium audit, claims handling,

North Carolina Rate Bureau NCCI Part Ways Last Month

The North Carolina Rate Bureau Has No Records At NCCI Now The North Carolina Rate Bureau changed their relationship with NCCI.  I received a call in the early part of March from NCCI.  NCCI said they owed me a refund.  I asked why?  NCCI informed me that nothing can now



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